Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 10 (or 11-13): Mad Progress

It's been a few days since our last post but that doesn't mean we haven't been working! It's actually starting to look like a PAINTING!

Kyle and I did some little bits of color here and there throughout the week but tonight we put down the dropcloth in the living room and painted to an episode of Psych.

It's been a fun experiment learning to water down the acrylic to give the sky a more natural fade from day to night. Right now, it's looking like a night scene but the big white globe will be painted yellow tomorrow.

Next task: More painting and some planning on little detail work (we've cut the crazy sky stuff for the most part but we're leaving in the hidden love poems).

Alright, what does everyone think?? Let us know! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments - they make us smile.


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Michaela Iler said...

Looks fun!

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