Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky on a Monday

I finally hit the Wall of Stress over the weekend so blog posts may be a little thin this week.

Stress or no stress, it’s October 31st and I’m making some room for a few moments of ghoulish cheer.

Here’s one of my favorite covers of an old classic, just in time for Halloween…


Hope whatever you’re doing, you’re having a (safe) blast doing it.

Happy Halloween!

love, elizabeth

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today, please remember…


Your heart is a place of both incredible strength and unbelievable vulnerability. Remember to treat it kindly.

If the day goes horribly awry, if nothing turns out as it should, if you make a mistake, consider the things that truly last forever…and the rest will fade away.

You are capable of great things. But the small things matter, too. So  if all you accomplish today is to make someone smile, then your time was well-spent.

You are beloved. You matter.

I needed to remind myself of this today…how about you?

love, elizabeth

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inspiration of the Month: Kate

Well, now that October is almost over, it’s high time for another inspiration of the month! Meet Kate.


Kate and I have been friends for eleven very full, very exciting years. We’ve seen each other through some of the worst and best moments of our lives (Kate was my maid of honor five and a half years ago!).

There are so many inspiring things about Kate but here’s a biggie on my list…

Not only is she an amazing career woman and amazing friend, she’s also an amazing wife to a United States Marine. If you’re in the military or married to it, you know what this means.

Long separations, weird hours, lots of moves, some extra worry, and a great deal of sacrifice. I’ve been so thankful to get to keep up Kate and Garrett’s love story over the past few years. As Garrett prepares to deploy, I know they are spending as much time as they can together and preparing for this new part of their love story. Kate and Garrett have a saying that’s been with them since their wedding ceremony…“Stuck together until the end of forever.” It’s become a playful reminder of a very serious commitment. “You married me,” Kate tells him. “That’s it. It’s in the fine print. There are no loopholes. You’re stuck with me!”


Five Fast Kate Facts

- Kate loves dogs but she became a cat person in college. Her cat, Boo, is the second love of her life.

- Her first kiss was in the choir room in 8th grade while practicing a song for the talent show. Uh-huh. Practicing.

- She prefers popcorn to chocolate.

- Kate went skydiving a few years ago. When they threw her out of the plane at 17,500 feet, she cried. She totally wants to go again.

- Halloween has special significance in her love story so she and Garrett went to three haunted houses on their wedding night. Sexy.

You should definitely go follow Kate’s sweet blog, Love Not Distance where she shares her triumphs and struggles as a young military wife. She makes me laugh and I love her honesty and practical applications of love.

Who’s inspiring YOU lately?

love, elizabeth

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When You Go There, They Have To Take You In

I won’t lie and say I’m not completely jealous that Kyle spent last week in Colorado with our families. But, on the up side, he has settled into the blogging husband role quite nicely and returned with a memory card full of pictures. What a guy…here are some my favorites.

Colorado 084

Kyle and his mom Linda

Colorado 024

Taking in the condo view in Steamboat Springs where Kyle grew up. I weep for you, resort boy.


Alex, Kyle’s best friend since third grade. They were so close that the town librarian would actually get them mixed up and they’d end up with the other’s library fines.


Kyle in a tree. This happens more often than anyone would think. When Kyle and I were dating, I actually made up a song about Kyle living in a tree. I still sing it to him.


Kyle’s sister, Sasha. I know. It’s disgusting how beautiful she is.

Colorado 054

Kyle with our youngest niece, Dalyla. We haven’t been home in a couple years so this was his first time meeting her! Isn’t she just the cutest little punk-rocker you ever did see?


Kyle with my mom, Janet, at Sweet Tomatoes (our favorite restaurant out west).

These pictures make me homesick but I’m so thankful to have them all the same. How often do you get a chance to see YOUR family?

love, elizabeth

Monday, October 24, 2011

Colorado in the Fall

Kyle flew home to Colorado last week and while he was in Steamboat Springs (his hometown), snapped some amazing shots of the fall colors. These were some of my favorites.






I’ll have more Colorado pictures to share this week PLUS our October Inspiration, a giveaway, and I may or may not have…cough…judged a beauty pageant this weekend. So lots to talk about!

What about you? Anything especially exciting going on for your blogs this week? Gimme a heads up!

love, elizabeth

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bit By A Rabid Squirrel and Other Valid Excuses

I know I’m feeling a little worn down at school when, while walking across campus,
I have an actual conversation with myself that goes something like this:
Wow, that squirrel is really close to my foot. I hope it doesn’t bite me. If it bit me, I’d have to go to the
hospital and get a rabies shot. I’d have to miss class….huh. That’d be a pretty killer excuse. ‘Can’t
make it to class, bit by a rabid squirrel. The thing was practically foaming at the mouth!’ Too bad.
I clearly need a day off.

What about you? Ever dreamt of the perfect excuse to stay home?
love, elizabeth

Don’t Call Me Sweetie Pie, Sweetie Pie

Here’s the deal-i-o, men of the workplace. If you are not my father, my husband, or a sweet old man born before 1940, please call me by my name. It’s Elizabeth, by the way. It’s 2011 and if I’m your colleague and your professional equal, I deserve to be treated that way.

And I don’t care how you meant it. When you call me “sweetie pie,” you communicate that you believe that you and I are different, that I am sweet and cute and young and female, and that you are a strong, paternal, authoritative man. But the fact is that you and I have received the same education. We’re doing the same job in the same field. If you wouldn’t call a male PhD student “sweetie,” you shouldn’t call me that, either. I certainly would never address you as “hun” or “sweetheart.” Because that would be disrespectful and unprofessional, possibly even inappropriate.

And don’t hug me without asking my permission. We’re not that friendly.


What can I say? Actual sexism bugs me.

love, elizabeth

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pennsylvania Wedding

Our dear friends, Emily and Jeremy tied the knot this last Saturday and we were so thankful we could be there to celebrate!



Em and Jer have a sweet, sweet love story and I’m so pleased to have witnessed some of it firsthand.


I’ve known Emily since 10th grade and to be there for this huge moment in her life was such an honor.



Isn’t she GORGEOUS? 

Weddings are such great reminders of the love God has for us and the love He gives us through others. Congratulations to the rockingest couple in the state of PA!

love, elizabeth

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love Letters

Haven’t mentioned this on the blog this week but Kyle flew to Colorado on Sunday and he’ll be gone till the end of the week. To say that I’m homesick for him would be the understatement of the year. It may be silly to be this lonely without him after only a few days but I’m going to put it in the ‘Win’ column for our marriage that after nearly seven years together, we both teared up saying goodbye in the airport. You’d think he was going to the moon. It makes no difference, really, though. I miss Kyle when he’s in the next room. So down the hall…across the country…on Mars…I miss him.

In a spur of the moment decision on Sunday afternoon, we bought each other a paperback book (his for the airplane and mine for bedtime). Inside, we scrawled love letters and a few random notes in the margins. Kyle wants to make this a tradition so I think we’re going to start writing all our love letters in books. I kind of like it because a book is just another kind of love letter, I think (a good book, anyway!).



And because I can’t help sharing it with someone, here’s a tiny peek at what Kyle wrote to me…


Anyone have a favorite memory of a love letter?

love, elizabeth

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Rainy Afternoon with the Books

We spent Saturday afternoon in downtown Warren, Pennsylvania and waiting for Emily and Jeremy’s wedding to start, we wandered into a couple nearby bookstores. It. was. heaven. I even got some Christmas shopping done! There is just no place like a bookstore. I could spend my whole life with my nose pressed to the printed page. THIS, people, is why I will NEVER buy an e-reader. Ever. Ever. EVER.






What about you? What do you love the most about bookstores? And what are you reading lately?

love, elizabeth

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pennsylvania in the Fall

Kyle and I spent the weekend in rural Pennsylvania, near the Allegheny National Forest. Here’s a few of my favorite shots from the road…



The fall colors were just gorgeous…this was such a great drive.


Had to show this cowl off. Mom just knitted it a couple weeks ago!


Madigan’s pulling a Tyra here and smiling with her eyes. That’s fierce. Or maybe she’s just mad that she’s stuck in the car with us for 5 hours.




Boy and dog at play. Running through the leaves…doesn’t get any better than that.

I’ve got some great pictures from downtown Warren, PA AND the wedding so I’ll be back with those next post!

How was YOUR weekend?

love, elizabeth

Friday, October 14, 2011

Feeling Like a Popped Balloon?

Ever have a day where you feel like you’re a big happy shiny balloon and you’re going to soar up, up, UP in the sky when all of a sudden, someone comes along and pops you?

Sometimes I feel like that. Apparently, so does Barbra. If you’re having a popped balloon kind of day, watch this. It cheers me right up.

You tell ‘em, Babs.

love, elizabeth

Thursday, October 13, 2011

He Makes Me Laugh


Kyle and I were taking a walk through our neighborhood the other day and I was being kind of flirty. This is the kind of conversation that happens when we spend too much time together.

Elizabeth: You have a great butt.

Kyle: Why, thank you. I am, in fact, a butt model.

Elizabeth: Oh, really?

Kyle: Yeah. As a matter of fact, my butt is so great that I model both men AND women’s clothes.

Elizabeth: Wow, you’re very talented.

Kyle: Yeah. I’m ambi-butt-erous.

And then he may or may not have done a little dance.


I married a really funny guy. He makes me laugh. Every day.

What about you? Participated in a funny conversation recently?

love, elizabeth

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Church Gets Sexy

I knew that’d get your attention. I just need to share this.

We recently had to have our pictures taken for the new photo directory at our church. I felt very grown-up getting dressed in our matchy-matchy outfits and posing for our portrait. So sweet, so put-together. Until I saw this. Now, weeks later, it’s too late to say anything but THIS is our picture for the church bulletin…


Guys…that is the edge of my sports bra in that picture. And it’s going in the CHURCH DIRECTORY. The PERMANENT one. The one they give to MEMBERS. I had NO idea when I put on that very modest shirt dress that when turned at an angle, everyone gets a show!! I. am. mortified.

Maybe I’m overreacting. It’s just…not the dignified picture I was hoping we would have in our very first church member directory.

Omg, I hope no one from church reads this post.

Too late. The secret’s out. askdjfklasadjfk;lasdghu;oiwhaief!

Alright, lay it on me. How brazen of a hussy am I? Anyone else have an embarassing accident/misunderstanding like this? It’s time to make me feel better.

love, elizabeth

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dance Break: Foster the People

The days are crazy here. My mom says it’s like elephants flying around your head. You keep looking up, wondering which one will poop on you first.

I have some blog stuff coming up that I’m super excited about but for tonight, here’s the song that’s been stuck in my head. Listen to it once or twice and just TRY not to dance…

What song is stuck in your head?

love, elizabeth

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Blog!


Today is Love is the Adventure’s first birthday! So happy birthday, blog. Thank you for being a safe space for my thoughts and for giving me some amazing friends.

love, elizabeth

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Haunted Pinecones, etc.

This weekend was definitely a fall-ish one for us here in Columbus. We’ve received some sad news from home and Kyle will be flying back to Colorado next week so we thought we’d soak up as much of the autumn as we could.

We carved pumpkins with some neighbors. They’re two-faced. Uh, the pumpkins. Not the neighbors.



Some of our centerpieces.



I decided to hang twinkle lights in the living room to bring a touch of light and warmth into the room at night. They make me happy. I have seasonal affective disorder and I deal with some mood swings in the fall and winter months. Warm lighting helps!


Cupcakes from scratch.



And last but not least…a story. I spotted these scented holiday pinecones in the Giant Eagle this afternoon and was just putting them in my basket when I heard an ominous voice from behind me…

“You’re going to regret that.”

I turn around to see a little old man staring at me.

“Ex-excuse me?” I asked.

“My wife bought those. I made her throw them away.”


I waited for him to ominously explain how the pinecones were poisonous or caused rashes or were haunted by forest ghosts or something. But apparently, the gentleman found their scent completely overpowering and determined that they were “stinking up the whole house.”

I smiled politely and left as quickly as I could WITH my pinecones. Drat. I was really hoping for some forest ghosts.



How was YOUR weekend?

love, elizabeth

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Death is like taking someone to the airport


Sometimes they’re in a hurry and you just drop them at the curb. You leave your hazards on and you pull their suitcase out of the trunk and you hug them and they tell you what a great time they had, how good it was to see you. You know they have to go. Their plane is leaving. They can’t stay any longer.

Sometimes they let you park and come inside with them. You watch them check-in and promise they’re not carrying contraband. You watch them check their bags and you say meaningless things like “Wow, $25 for that little duffel bag…” and “How long is your lay-over in Atlanta? Oh, nice and short then.” You make it as far as security. You need a ticket go on but you don’t have one. Because this is their flight. Not yours.

They shrug and say, “I guess this is it.”

And you say, “Yeah, don’t forget to take off your shoes.”

They head for the back of the line and you call out their name. Just one more hug, one more kiss, one more “I wish we had more time.: One more goodbye.

You’re only prolonging it now but you stand at the top of the stairs and watch their progress through security. You see the wand waving and you see them step through that last metal doorway.

You can’t even see them now but you walk to the impossibly large windows now and stare out, trying to decide which plane is taking them away from you. Eventually, you watch one taxiing down the runway, farther and farther away, faster and faster it goes, until it’s up, up in the air taking someone away from someone else and it just seems so unbelievably unfair.

But it would be selfish, wouldn’t it, to want to keep those planes on the ground forever? It would be selfish to keep those passengers from reaching their destinations.

Today I’m feeling a little selfish and a little sad.

love, elizabeth

PS: I apologize for my absence from blog-land for the past few days. I have been reading your blogs and trying to comment (my log-in wasn’t working). I think things are fixed now and I should be back to regular posting and reading, too. Hope everyone is having a restful weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Living with Abandon

“Just remember, the same as a spectacular Vogue magazine, remember that no matter how close you follow the jumps: Continued on page whatever. No matter how careful you are, there's going to be the sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn't experience it all. There's that fallen heart feeling that you rushed right through the moments where you should've been paying attention..."
- Chuck Palahniuk

I don't ever want to feel that collapsed feeling. Am reminded today that my best memories, my happiest hours happened when I truly let go and lived with abandon. So in the spirit of abandon, here are some things I'm doing in the month of October.

Can you guess which thing on this list I am NOT doing?

A. Reporting for jury duty
B. Judging a beauty pageant
C. Performing a vaudeville piece
D. Taking a dance class
E. Driving into the mountains of Pennsylvania
F. Visiting my first haunted house

What about you? What new experiences are you having this month?

love, elizabeth

Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Do the Next Thing

Sometimes I write my blog post titles and think, Well, now no one needs to read the actual post. This might be one of those times.

It's easy for me to feel a little panicked with the Monday dawn. Sometimes the whole being-a-PhD-student-thing accompanied by the married-woman-thing and the volunteer-advocate-thing with a heavy helping of the being-a-grownup-thing is a tad on the overwhelming side. Sometimes I want to scream, WHO GAVE ME ALL THESE THINGS?? THERE ARE TOO MANY THINGS!

In an occasional fit of panic, I call my mother who gives me the advice I now know by heart. It's very good advice. And very comforting to a worried worrier like me.

"Just do the next thing," she says. "Not ALL the things. Just the next one."

So today, I am trying to focus on "just the next thing."

What about you? What helps you cope when you're feeling overwhelmed?

love, elizabeth

Saturday, October 1, 2011

To You, With Love From Your Television: Grey’s Anatomy

Like I've said before, if you're getting the majority of your relationship advice from Hollywood, you're pretty much doomed to fail. And um, Grey’s Anatomy is no exception. Seriously, how can brain surgeons have these kind of sex lives?? When do they have time to perform, I don’t know, actual surgery???!!

And still… I was struck by the most recent episode. If you haven’t seen the show, Drs. Grey and Shepherd have been having some problems (shocker).

But in a scene that’s sticking with me...

Meredith challenges Derek, “Well, then why are you with me?”
“Because of that!” he tells her, pointing at the post-it note on the wall over their bed. The one with their marriage vows on it. “Because I meant that. I promised I wouldn’t run. I promised I would love you.”
“Even when you hate me…”
“Even when I hate you!”

This just resonated with me so much. The truth is, anyone who is in a long-term relationship knows what it’s like to love someone even when you hate them. And if you haven’t felt that in your marriage yet, you will.

I have always said falling in love is a feeling but staying in love…that’s a choice.

So way to go, Grey’s Anatomy. For once, I totally forgive you for all the slow motion bedroom scenes, bomb threats, pregnancy scares, cancer episodes, and for killing off George O’Malley. Okay, maybe I’m still mad about that last one. I love you, though. Even when I hate you.

“To love each other,
even when we hate each other.
No running. Ever!
Take care when old,
senile, smelly. This is forever!”
Meredith Grey
Derek Shepherd

What about you? Have you seen any glimpse of real love or relationships on television?

love, elizabeth
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