Here are a few things to know if you’re interested in sponsoring:

*All sponsors have the option of having a button designed free of charge for use in this blog space and any other.

*PassionFruit handles all ad space. This makes it super easy for you to format your button and offers the most convenient payment options (including major credit cards and PayPal).

*The focus of this blog for the last two and a half years has not been profit-driven and that is not going to change. What I’ve learned in partnership with other blogs is that sponsoring a blog motivates my own productivity and stimulates my creativity as a blogger. My hope is that if you choose to partner with Love is the Adventure that you feel that the ad fees serve not as a deterrent to sponsoring but as a way of ensuring that you are receiving a quality advertising and social media marketing service that is encouraging and helpful to you as a blogger.

*Some blog stats:

Over 5,006 blog views last month.

337 followers (Google Friend Connect + Bloglovin')
263 followers (Facebook Page + Twitter + Instagram)

I also have a limited number of 200 X 100px size spots available for button-swapping so please email me if this is something you might be interested in!

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