Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspiration of the Month: Sarah

Recently, I was thinking about how many wonderful people I have the privilege of knowing. Really interesting people with amazing abilities and interests. People that inspire me to be a better person. I was wishing there was a way for me to publicly recognize the influence they’ve had in my life and to acknowledge the wonderful ways they share themselves with the world. And then I remembered…I have a blog. So this is my new segment – Inspiration of the Month!


Without further adieu, I’d like you to meet Sarah. I’ve known Sarah a long time (going on 11 years!) and there is so much I could say about her. She’s incredibly witty, well-read, artistic, and talented. She is especially being featured for the month of March for two big reasons:

The other night, she and I were chatting online and she mentioned that she was in the process of trying to switch to all cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty products. Knowing how much Sarah loves animals, I’m sure she would have thrown every animal-tested product out immediately, if she could. But Sarah is a recent college graduate and still in that fun early twenties part of your life where you eat a lot of ramen noodles and shop clearance. sarahHer realistic goal? Every time she uses something up, she seeks to find a more animal-friendly alternative product.

Inspired by this, I decided to do the same. I’ve only replaced my deodorant so far but my goal is to be beautifying cruelty-free ASAP! If this is something you’re interested in doing, you can CLICK HERE to see a list of cruelty-free brands or to search for particular products.


The second inspirational thing about Sarah has to do with the new life adventure she’s about to embark on! With a degree in Film and Digital Media from Baylor University, Sarah has a passion and gift for screenwriting. After working for a year as a script-writer for an advertising firm in Colorado, she is preparing to relocate to Los Angeles this summer to pursue writing for television full-time. She has been accepted into a highly competitive screen-writing program in LA and will be writing, taking classes with working TV and film professionals, and still working during the day! I imagine it’s going to be an immensely challenging workload but she is bravely stepping out on her own, moving across the country, and preparing to do whatever she has to do to follow her dream. Sarah’s determination makes me want to be braver about pursuing the things I love but am sometimes too scared to try.


Five Fast Sarah Facts

- Sarah has a tattoo of Dr. Who’s time machine, the TARDIS, on her ankle.

- Her cat’s full name is Leonidas Leonardo Sprinkles Da Vinci Nimoy. Leo for short.

- She hates anything carbonated.

- Sarah is a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth hockey fan and cheers herself hoarse for the Colorado Avalanche.

- She’s started a blog to chronicle her new life in LA. CLICK HERE to visit and read her updates from Hollywood!


s. zest said...

You make me sound so cool.

And for the record, everyone who reads this, I may have cheered myself hoarse for the Avs before, but I have yet to foam at the mouth over them. That could always change though.


Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

She sounds like a wonderful person. And hmmm... never thought about the animal testing on products I use!! I'm going to look into this.

This is a great idea to feature a person of the month, Elizabeth!

Janet Thimell said...

This is a stunning picture of Sarah! And she IS cool. I just signed on to follow her blog from LA.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I love the part about the TARDIS tattoo. :)

But Elizabeth it's not just a time machine. TARDS:Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space

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