Friday, March 15, 2013

Marriage is a Privilege

This is Kyle. I like smooching him. As you can already tell, this is going to be a really deep post. I like smooching Kyle. I just generally like Kyle. Except some times. When he makes me crazy.


Last weekend, we got to see a couple of our friends get married here in Ohio. It was a wonderful reminder of love and the privilege of marriage. Except for the part where Kyle and I bickered the entire drive between ceremony and reception.
“Kyle…the speed limit is 65.”
“Just let me drive!!”
“Seriously, slow down. You’re gonna get pulled over.”
“Will you stop nagging me? Ugh, why is this jacket so hot and itchy?”
“Stop messing with it, you look good!”
And then Kyle kept ruining pictures by putting balloon strings…in his mouth (???) Marriage is a privilege, marriage is a privilege…I repeat to myself as Kyle tries to ditch his suit jacket for the sixth time after leaving the church.


We stopped fighting long enough to take this picture and to dance to House of Pain during the reception. Marriage is a privilege.


It’s taken eight years but he finally has given in and let me dress him in grown-up clothes. Shirts with collars and belts that match his shoes. Shirts with yellow accents that complement my cardigan. Shirts that don’t have pictures of dogs farting on them or band names on the back. Marriage is a privilege, marriage is a privilege…he must repeat to himself as I force him to tuck his shirt in. Again.


Can anyone relate?
love, elizabeth


Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

Oh, definitely. My favorite is when Rob assumes he knows everything about everything, even the stuff he doesn't actually have much experience with. Like where to park at the Farmer's Market or what time you should get there to avoid the crowds. And I make my suggestions (based on experience) and he DOESN'T LISTEN...and then finds out I was right all along. It's a privilege! ;) You have to take the good with the annoying, right?

Elle said...

Haha I loved this post. New follower here. My boy... sheesh... he now plays the "why don't you have fun and pick me out something to wear" Which is a blessing and he knows he won't get any 'looks' for his choices. Just because it was a present honey, does NOT mean you HAVE to wear it... EVERY day :) Nice wee blog you've got here!Love Elle xo

Susannah said...

Sometimes this can be so true. I adore being married but sometimes I have to remind myself that I adore it.

S. Donald said...

I can absolutely relate, & we just celebrated 30 years as Mr. & Mrs!

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