Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Friday: Shop Safe, Sane, and Sensational

1. Give yourself plenty of time to park.

Nothing is more frustrating to the harried holiday shopper than the endless searching for a parking spot outside the crowded mall, outlet, shopping center, big box store, or downtown. And while walking from the outer regions of Siberia where you parked your car may suck, nothing will ruin your Black Friday like one of those fender bender/side scrape run-ins with the gigantic SUV parked too close to you.

2. Budget earlier in the week and stick to your plan.

Remember that 42” plasma screen isn’t really a good deal if you weren’t planning on buying a new television, at all. Buying something that isn’t on your list doesn’t actually save you any money. And sometimes all the hustle and bustle and good smells and cheerful music make us emotional.

3. Dress for comfort.

You know those incredible boots that make your calves look fantastic but your feet want to fall off? Leave ‘em home and stick to cozy sneakers for those long, long lines you’ll be waiting in. Layer for warmth and leave the heavy coats in the car. Those department stores get toasty fast!

4. Scan ads before you plan your day to get an idea of prices and deals.

Here are two of my favorite online sources for Black Friday ads: HERE and HERE. It’s easy to get lost in the rush and if you’re looking for something specific, you may wind up frustrated and disheartened.

5. People first, things second. Always.

Courtesy and kindness are always the way to go! We all hear the horror stories of pushy shoppers trampled to death in a mad rush to get whatever amazing deal is being offered to the first 8 people in line. But if you have to risk your humanity, your sanity, or your personal safety to score the bargain, consider the true cost before you dive into the fray. No thing is that important. After all, it’s Christmas.

I mentioned a few posts ago that my family is exchanging books only this year so most of my shopping is done but I AM making a short Black Friday trip for some stocking stuffers and a couple Secret Santa gifts.

So lay it on me. Are you a Black Friday fanatic? What are your shopping traditions? Any tips and tricks to share?

love, elizabeth


Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

Personally, they would have to be giving away free televisions in order to get me in there. I will not wake up early on a paid holiday for anyone unless they need critical attention.

But that's just me.

Faith said...

hubs and i will be at Target at midnight. we have a few big things to purchase! :)

the only thing we do is we take back roads, find parking where most people aren't thinking to park and then we get in and shop. we don't do anything super special but we always leave with what we wanted to buy! :)

Kate&Garrett said...

The only reason I ever get up early for black friday is to meet a friend... I usually wait until it's closer to a decent hour (like 8 or 10) and I miss the crowds (and a few of the "best" deals of the day, but I still get what I want :) have fun!

Jennifer said...

I have never been shopping on Black friday in my life - except for when I went to get a few Christmas decorations once at Hobby Lobby. But nothing for gifts. I guess the day after Thanksgiving, I prefer to decorate and relax and just enjoy some time off. Maybe one of these days I'll try it though. (o;

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