Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adventures in Domesticity: Thanksgiving Part Two

So the holiday is drawing nigh (NINE days and counting...), I thought I'd share with you all I need to accomplish BEFORE I start basting the turkey!

So here you are. My To-Do List (all to be completed before Thanksgiving Day):

-Finish and turn in my paper for Theatre Criticism - I'm using Euripides' texts, Helen, Hecuba, Andromache, Trojan Women, and The Suppliants to discuss Plato and Aristotle's views on the depiction and imitation of violence, specifically focusing on sexual violence. Cheery little paper just perfect for the holidays!

-Catch up on all my grading - if you even KNEW how many hours of grading papers I had ahead of me...well, you'd cry.

-Shampoo all the carpets - This is all Madigan's fault. But the carpets need to be cleaned and I want it done BEFORE Emily and Jeremy come for the weekend! I've already found a nearby Rug Doctor rental place so this one should be easy.

-Clean out my inbox - I hate this one. I think, at this point, I'd probably pay someone else to wade through the countless spam, student emails, announcements, newsfeeds, and special offers.

-Finishing transcribing the interviews conducted for my master's thesis - In THEORY, this one should be cake. I mean, I'm just typing what someone else is saying on my digital recorder. It's not like I have to think up anything clever to write. But trying to do this precisely and clearly is actually going to be a lot of work.

-Plus my homework - still have two more reading assignments and written reports due for Theatre Criticism.

-See Aida - this one is not really a chore since it's a wonderful musical and stars many of my fellow graduate students BUT it is going to require time. I'm hoping it's a celebratory evening at the theatre instead of a frantic dash to find a parking spot downtown and thinking all the while, WHY didn't you get your homework done SOONER? By the way, if you're in Columbus, and don't have tickets...well, they're probably almost sold out by now but if you're interested, here's the link:


-Give Madigan a bath - We're keeping her coat longer for the winter but it seems to mean she gets dirty faster. Oh, well. I actually enjoy blow-drying her fur.

Everybody, I'd like you to meet pre-Thanksgiving me...

Credit goes to whoever originally captured and edited this image. This picture popped up all over Google but I can't seem to trace it to its origin. If you happen to know it, let me know!

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