Saturday, November 13, 2010

Painting 2: Revenge of the Easel

Kyle and I went to Hobby Lobby tonight and picked up some new brushes, the canvas frame, and, yes, folks, our very own easel. Sophisticated city! We figured it was probably time since Madigan has decided her creative efforts can be best utilized sitting on the paintings while they're drying.

(Exhibit A)

This easel, a whopping $12.99, came with 8 wooden slats, 5 screws, 5 washers, 5 wing-nuts, 1 chain, and 0 instructions. I have a joke for you: how many former theatre majors does it take to put an easel together? Apparently, two...if you give them half an hour and at least one of them passed Stagecraft.

We put the canvas frame together but are not quite astute enough to notice that one side was a cm too long (stupid pre-cut frames!).

Canvas draped.

By the way, we did a price comparison tonight between pre-stretched canvas and the DIY version we've been doing. A comparable size (around 32-36 square inches), pre-stretched, was running about $50 at Hobby Lobby.

The cost of ours?
$7.32 - 1 yd. canvas (Blick)
$2.79 X 4 - 32" canvas frame strips (Hobby Lobby)

Total: $18.48

The finished product

Kyle and I will post some new sketches tomorrow but the idea for the new adventure is a sort of forest path that starts in the green of summer and then fades into fall and winter and spring at the end of the path. We're experimenting now to see if this is possible.

What do you guys think?


Jenni said...

LOL! You guys are so funny! And I just adore that first pic of Madigan!! She looks like she has a huge smile on her face!!

And I think that's an awesome idea for your next painting. :D

Emry said...

Madigan's face in that first photo is killing me. I can't wait to meet her!

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