Thursday, November 11, 2010

Humble Abode: The Charity of Chairs

So I personally think buying upholstered furniture secondhand can be icky. Especially at the thriftstore/garage sale level. Juice stains and pet stains and food stains and (the worst) unexplained stains. Rips, potential critters, unknown materials, and odors.

So imagine my surprise when I found this clean, stainless, odorless upholstered chair with a lovely floral print (probably circa 1974) in the corner of a Goodwill in Columbus, Ohio. Actually, I take that back. I didn't find it. My best friend Beth did and pointed it out as a joke. I think she was secretly dismayed when I insisted on buying it.

Now I have been searching online for anything comparable to this chair and I can't find anything for less than $170. This gem? $15. Side note: The magazine on the table (pictured below) is the June 1932 issue of The Stage, published by the Theatre Guild (purchased at a theatre book sale for 50 cents).

Bonus? Super comfortable. Madigan loves it.

Here's a close-up view of the fabric and pattern. I apologize for the poor lighting. I'm waiting anxiously for a new camera this Christmas.

Nothing like the perfect chair to curl up in at night for a little light reading of, oh, say, Plato's Republic.


Jenni said...

Cool!! Don't you just LOVE cheap-o, awesome thrift store finds?!?! And that Madigan is one cutey-patootie. ;)

Emry said...

My mother had a pair of chairs that looked exactly like that. Ahh, I'm awash with nostalgia!

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