Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Bucket List



That’s Bethie and me on New Year’s Eve Eve. We celebrated early this year.

2013 started off inauspiciously. Kyle and I barely beat the snowstorm home yesterday afternoon on our drive back from Kentucky. We had been invited to spend New Year’s Eve with some good friends, and even though the roads weren’t great, I was hoping we might go and then the headache and sore throat appeared. So instead of champagne and cute sparkly clothes, I fell asleep shortly after midnight, cradling my laptop and muttering about The West Wing (which I am currently insta-watching on Netflix). Me and my cold feel like we’ve gotten the New Year off to a less than promising start but I choose to believe we can turn it around. Last year, I made a bucket list, 31 Things to Do Before ‘13, and I crossed a surprising amount of them off my list. Not all of them and there were a few that should been easier to make happen but new year, new beginning. I’ve been working on my new bucket list for a couple weeks and am finally ready to share it with you. I’m upping the game this year and trying to do 41 things before ‘14. I know. You’re totally jealous of that super original thing I just did where I reversed the numbers and made it a title. I’m just that cool. Anyway, here’s my list for the year!

1. Commit to regular monthly giving.

2. Read 10 books that have nothing to do with school.

3. Learn to crochet.

4. Blue Jackets game.

5. Write my dissertation prospectus.

6. The Pencil Sharpener Museum in Logan, Ohio.

7. Take a road trip somewhere awesome.

8. Write a grant proposal (and get the grant!)

9. Perform a solo work.

10. Move to cheaper apartment.

11. Take a hike.

12. Write 300 blog posts.

13. The Hot Dog Bun Museum in Toledo, Ohio.

14. Write a book with Emily.

15. Teach a class I’ve never taught before.

16. Thrill-seek.

17. Play on a new beach.

18. Go to a wine tasting.

19. Haunted house.

20. Really utilize the public library.

21. Try out 12 new recipes.

22. Direct something.

23. Volunteer for a new non-profit. 

24. Learn how to make a cocktail.

25. Learn to play a song on the ukulele.

26. Try a brand new kind of exercise.

27. Photograph strangers. (For obvious reasons, this will involve their knowledge and consent.)

28. Get a tattoo.

29. Floss every single day for a month.

30. Buy a new couch.

31. Treat seasonal depression homeopathically.

32. Take a research trip.

33. See Buckeye Chuck make his Groundhog’s Day predictions in Marion, Ohio.

34. Try Somali food.

35. Learn how to parallel park really, really well.

36. Learn more about blog/web design and html.

37. Write a fan letter.

38. Renew my Red Cross CPR and First Aid certification.

39. Bird-watching.

40. Memorize the states and capitols.

41. Never text and drive again.


What kinds of things are on your list this year?

love, elizabeth


Anonymous said...

I haven't even begun a list. I just want to enjoy being me in 2013 and make it a point to not be so concerned with worrying about what people think about me. If I'm happy...I'm happy.

Nakia Deon

Amy said...

The only things I really have on my list are:

1. Pay off credit card
2. Finish first draft of my book
3. Start saving for a down payment on a house

I'm a little envious of your list! It's great! Can't wait to see what progress you make. :)

Shoshanah said...

I decided to start a 101 in 1001 list this year. I'm really exciting to get started on it, and hope I can complete a lot of it. We even have a few similar items on our list, going to a winery being one of them.

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