Monday, January 28, 2013

impossible until it’s not

This was in my fortune cookie the other night.


The hard things keep coming, don’t they? Sometimes I stare at the calendar and think, There is no way I will make it to May. There is no way I will make it through next week. I am so quick to jump ahead to all the things in the universe I can’t imagine shouldering right now. If we got a bill for x amount of dollars, I could not pay it. If I had to turn in my dissertation prospectus tomorrow, I wouldn’t be ready. If a giant robot took over Columbus and forced all humans underground, I wouldn’t have enough bottled water to keep us alive.

I am learning to trust. It’s slow but I’m learning. I try to think back to the all the impossible things I’ve done. Passing my candidacy exam felt impossible. It felt huge, insurmountable. But I did it. Step by step. It’s not as if one minute I was a PhD student and the next I was a PhD candidate. It was night after day after night of reading. It was one exam day at a time, one sentence at a time, one question at a time, one book at a time. It was impossible…until the moment it wasn’t.

I am struggling not to leap ahead to the next impossible thing I can’t imagine overcoming. Some days, I feel scared out of my  mind by how much feels impossible. But that is not how we are supposed to live. That is not how I want to live. 

Things are only impossible…until they are not.

love, elizabeth


Janette said...

Oh my gosh! I can totally relate! I mean... I guess...Mostly my trust issues are related to money.. Like.."WOW! I have to pay my car registration and insurance and property taxes by summer!!!" But I forget that I have time to save...Baby steps! I get ahead of myself.. especially since I'm a worry wart!! Glad I'm not the only one that feels like this!

Janette Lane Blog

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Alex said...

Your fortune cookie was spot on. Perfect.

Katie Hubly said...

Perfect. Such a good reminder =) We can't live in fear...otherwise we're really not living at all. I have to remind myself of this daily =)

Anonymous said...


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Marsa said...

i love that quote. i've never thought of things that way but its so true :)

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