Saturday, May 4, 2013

There Aren’t Enough Blog Posts in the Universe to Talk About All My Favorite Quotes

So I’m just going to talk about like four. Or five. Maybe six. But no more than seven, definitely. (I realize that this breaks the strict rule for this prompt but Jenni and I go way back –like back to the 3rd grade back-- so she’ll probably forgive me if she ever sees this).

All of these quotes come from books. I choose to believe that this indicates how deep and intellectual and yet creative and interesting that I am. These are quotes that make me think, I wish I had thought of stringing those words together in that particular syntax and order first because that is exactly how I feel and I would like to be given credit for feeling that way.


(Incidentally, trying to pick a favorite John Green quote is kind of like trying to pick which one of your family members you would save from a house fire. Impossible and heartbreaking.)




I settled on four. Thanks for an awesome prompt today, Jenni.


love, elizabeth

1 comment:

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Loved this Elizabeth, and love YOU. :) Those are perfectly beautiful...

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