Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiration of the Month: Sasha



Hey, it’s April and that means it’s time to unveil my latest inspiration! This month I’m shining a spotlight on Sasha!

There are so many things that make Sasha inspirational! She’s the gorgeous single mom of a beautiful five-year-old daughter, Shayanne, a full-time university student, a marathon and triathlon athlete and works two jobs to make it all happen… Let’s all just take a second to remember that a marathon is 26 miles of running (I’m getting out of breath just typing that). As busy as I personally am, I can’t imagine trying to do all the things that she does and still make time to be an incredible mother! She definitely inspires me to live a healthier life!

Full disclosure, Sasha also happens to be Kyle’s sister. But lest I seem biased to you, read five remarkable things about Sasha below.Chey


Five Fast Sasha Facts

- Sasha was ranked as the number one women’s lacrosse goalie in Colorado for three years running.She plays tons of sports including: lacrosse, track, swimming, and skiing. And she used to be a lifeguard!

- Her middle name is Cheyenne and her family still calls her Chey.

- Sasha also makes incredible themed birthday cakes. I wish I had a picture to show you!

- Her three favorite movies are Stand By Me, The Goonies, and Tangled.

- Sasha is majoring in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training but she’s always loved cooking healthy, organic meals. She’s a sucker for Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. 


Tune in next month for May Inspiration! And tell me below…who is the most inspirational person in YOUR life?


s. zest said...

Who's the most inspirational person in my life? YOU are, Elizabeth! No, for real. I didn't know anything about feminism before that one summer where we talked about it all the time, and now that's a permanent lens on how I see the world. If I were the kind of person who would do an Inspiration of the Month series on my blog, it would feature you every time.

Bon Bon said...

What a great post! Sasha sounds like an amazing woman!

P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment:-) Made me smile! xoxo

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