Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mad for Madigan: The Fuzzier Side of Easter

Easter 059
Dear Readers,
Today I’m hosting an Easter post because Mommy is too lazy. I had a very confusing Easter, in case anyone is wondering. The ‘rents woke up at o’dark thirty to discuss the possibility of attending something called “a sunrise service.” I would just like to point out that it was raining bears and elephants outside (if you think cats and dogs don’t get along, you haven't seen bears and elephants together) and no one was going to be able to see the sun do any actual rising. Whatevs. No one asked for the dog’s opinion. Although, hilariously, Dad actually did use me as an excuse to go to the regular service. “Don’t want to leave Madigan alone too long,” he said and rolled over and went back to sleep. Thanks, Daddy-o. I’m feelin’ the love. Anyhoo, here’s the Easter wrap-up.
Mom and Dad dyed eggs. I was not involved. Translate: Scroll down to see more pictures of moi.
Easter 002Easter 004

Easter 005Easter 009
After the church service today and some kind of event having to do with eating (once again, I was not invited), they finally took me for a jaunt.
Easter 069
Also, I looked awesome thanks to my pimp Easter scarf from Aunt Zoey!
Daddy climbed on the jungle gym and was, in general, suuuuuuper lame.
Easter 062
Easter 064
Mommy wants me to post a picture of her in her Easter dress. Boooooooorrrrriiiiiiiing…

Easter 053
Oh, good. Me again.
Easter 071
So there you have it, folks. Easter was grand. Mommy walked around humming hymns all day and I got to go outside to sniff Dandelions. Life = Swell.

‘Til next time,


Sarah said...

Madigan, your scarf is so very hip. You should give us all style tips.

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Hahahahaa.. Oh, Madigan.

This was so cute Elizabeth! And these pictures are GREAT!! Love your up close shots of Madigan, and I love that one of you in your pretty dress. :) Hope you had a great Easter!!

Eunice said...

Madigan, Judging by that big smile in the end, you had a great day. I'm happy for you. And it was swell of you to include the "rents in your blog. Now if anyone asks about them, I'll be able to act like I knew firsthand! :p

chelsea said...

SO sweet :) HOPpy Easter, Madigan and Family!!

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