Saturday, April 16, 2011

Working Hard or Hardly Working: a day in the life of a grad student

I haven’t talked much about graduate school on this blog but now that I am in my last quarter as a master’s student (and about to begin my PhD), I thought maybe some of you might like to see a typical day for me on campus.
April Early 131
This is right across from one of the buildings where I teach.
April Early 133
The cafĂ© where I buy my morning Starbucks…
April Early 140
Obviously the caffeine hasn’t hit me, yet.
April Early 151
I teach in this building. Obviously, this is the closest I will ever come to actual engineering.
April Early 157
This is one of my classrooms. One of my students was nice enough to take a picture. And that's a quote from the beginning of Twelfth Night on the board behind me.
April Early 161
After class, I decided to take the scenic route and show you some of my favorite spots on campus. I don’t always have time to go the pretty way but thankfully, I did on Thursday!
April Early 177
Pretty old buildings that I never have any reason to visit.
April Early 188
There were hundreds of pinwheels on one of the South Oval lawns as a part of project to end child abuse. They were beautiful with the sun shining right on them.
April Early 192
I love this tree. And the eye painted on it.
April Early 200
My hands-down best-loved spot at the university, Mirror Lake. I sat here and ate my lunch and watched people feed the birds. Obviously, none of them read THIS sign:
April Early 204
I’m not going to say this is slightly overdramatic signage but…I’m thinking it. And for anyone who doesn’t already know where I go to school, here you go…
April Early 217
If you’re not familiar, football is kind of the only thing that matters here. Go Bucks. I considered that maybe the bloggingverse shouldn't know where I attend graduate school. But I go to school with 56,000 people. Good luck stalking me.
ItApril Early 219
My mailbox in the grad corridor…
April Early 226
And the office where I hold hours…
April Early 215
The rec center (where people with great tan lines and big muscles like to work out)
April Early 218April Early 221
Brutus the mascot dressed as a mime and The Phantom of the Opera.
Don’t laugh, he’s a very multi-faceted nut. 
So this post was mostly pictures…hope you liked them!


Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

I loved this post Elizabeth!! Some of my favorite types of posts are those where you get to see a typical day in someone else's life/what they see, etc. Great pictures!

s. zest said...

When I win the lottery, I am going to become eccentric and put a bunch of giant numbers in the front yard. And then you will have to walk through them to come visit me, and everyone will know you are friends with the crazy lady.

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