Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mad for Madigan

Madigan 002
Dear Readers,
Today I’m talking about a little thing I like to call “quality time.” And lest Mommy think this post another great opportunity to offer her opinion in some kind of adorable metaphor, I am going to warn you. She does that. And I call shenanigans.

So here’s the long and the short of it. If you love someone, you’ll make time for them. For instance, I may feel like snoozing all morning but if Daddy really needs someone to take him out for a walk, well…I’m going to make that happen. Because I love my daddy.

Qual-i-ty time /ˈkwälətē tīm/  Noun. 1. Deliberately enacting a quantifiable unit of togetherness whereby two or more parties feel that they are cared for by one another through the act of sharing a common bond or experience. 2. Belly rubs.

Humans are weird. No question. They poop in the house but get mad if you do. They have no fur to speak of (total ick, by the way). They have really missed out on the art of the polite salutation (hello? my buttocks are RIGHT HERE.) And they have the completely misguided notion that you submit to having your ears scratched or your ball thrown because you need attention. Puh-lease. Any animal worth her salt will tell you…humans need us. They need the stability of expectations and responsibilities. They need to be licked on the nose in the morning. They need us to get into the garbage and chew up their favorite belongings and bark at strangers. It shows them that we care.

So take my advice, pets. Get out there and spend some quality time with your humans. They won’t thank you for it. They’ll sigh when you demand to go out in to the snow to pee. They’ll groan when you gak up half your breakfast in the hallway. But inside they’ll be singing like Cinderella to her mice (who she totally needed to get her to the ball, in case anyone forgot).

‘Til next time, peeps.
- The Madster
April Early 110
See what I mean? He’d be so lost without me…


s. zest said...

Madigan, you are so very wise. And so very adorable. In fact, I think you may be the most adorable dog in the history of dogs. Also, will you teach me how to skateboard?

Janet Thimell said...

It is so good to know that gifted writing runs in the family. Thanks for the good post, Madigan. Keep your people on their best behavior. Love, Grammy

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Aw! Is he always short haired like that or do you have to trim him?

Eunice said...

So, Madigan, you're one of those dogs that likes to snooze all morning, eh? I was led to believe that all dogs like to do adventures all day and only sleep when they're bored. But, being an ignorant person who hasn't invited a dog to share my home ever...well, there you are--or I are--am!
I can see that your mommy and daddy are lucky to have you! Love, Auntie Eunice

Emry said...

Oh Madigan, you are wise beyond your puppy years.

Kokoda said...

Madigan, you are so adrable. Adventure Kokoda Trail for have fun together. It's all about u & u'r best friend (^^) joy u'r life, & happy…"

Kokoda Track said...

Thank you Madigan, you are so wise and adorable.I'm going morning Walk with my Daddy to make happen!!!

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