Thursday, July 12, 2012

John Denver Was Right

I think these kind of speak for themselves but OMG, you guys, I miss the Rockies already.


love, elizabeth


Anonymous said...

this post almost made me cry. I miss them, too. more than any other place I've lived. and I get irrationally super jealous of those I know who get to live there, or even visit. I always felt like the Rockies made me feel nice and safe--like a huge hug from God. plus they're super gorgeous. anyway, I miss them. and I miss you. we must celebrate our 15th anniversary somehow! ;)
<3, the other E

Anonymous said...

GREAT PICTURES! I love the Rockies. My absolute favorite memories in life all come from time spent there. Very special.

Red Parka Diaries said...

I have never been there but cannot wait til I get the chance to explore America more... these photos are great! I'm a mountain girl for sure, so I just know I'd love it when/if I get to visit!

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