Sunday, July 8, 2012

the Kaskaskia Dragon and other sights from the road

So remember yesterday how I said I made my dad stop the car a lot on our drive across the country? Here’s a few of the things we ran into along the interstate.


The Kaskaskia Dragon is on the edge of the town of Vandalia, Illinois and breathes fire when you insert dollar tokens purchased from the liquor store across the street. Totally worth the short detour off the highway to see this guy.


We stopped at The Cheese Store in Sweet Springs, Missouri and bought fresh cheese curds for lunch. I also tried chocolate cheese. Has anyone else had this?? It’s delicious.


Dad at the Missouri State Veterans Memorial and Cemetery. Not that I need another reason to love my mom, dad, and brother, but I am so proud to be closely related to THREE veterans of the United States Armed Forces.


Dad and I stopped in Blackwater, Missouri (population 199) for lunch. We had catfish at the only restaurant in town and watched the train go almost right through the historic downtown before we got back on the road.


Are you interested in finding roadside attractions and oddities yourself? Check out Roadside America to plan your own road trip!

What’s the weirdest attraction or place you’ve ever visited?

love, elizabeth


Faith said...

Chocolate cheese? I didn't even know that existed!

And I can't imagine living in a town with a population of 199 and having one restaurant! Hope the food is good :)

Happy Sunday!

Shoshanah said...

I love the giant dinosaur! I totally would have stopped for it to.

As for where I've stopped, when I drove my car cross country after college, my friend and I happened to drive through Winslow, Arizona. She made sure we stopped so she could say "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona" just like in the song.

Kathi said...

Elizabeth, this trip sounds like a lot of fun. Especially the time you can spend with your dad. I love that he likes to stop places and see things! Love the dinosaur! And chocolate anything sounds good to me!

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