Saturday, July 21, 2012

“Will you make fun of me if I admit I got us lost?”

I asked finally.

“No…but we are definitely going the wrong way.”

“Yeah. I think you’re right.”


Feeling safe enough to admit you’re wrong is like hitting the marriage jackpot. Until I learned to really trust Kyle, I was afraid of being wrong, of screwing up, of being less than perfect. But I can say now, with a sigh of relief, that it’s okay if I’m wrong. It’s okay if I get lost. Because my husband isn’t going to laugh. And he’s not going to be mad. He’s going to help me get turned back around. With Kyle, I can finally say I’m learning to love being wrong.

What about you? What do you feel safe enough to do in your relationships?

love, elizabeth

1 comment:

jorjiapeach said...

yes. i've never thought of this before.. it's when you really trust someone that you're able to let go of that fear of being imperfect or wrong. it's about genuinely trusting that people love and adore everything about you. and really, there's nothing wrong or imperfect about us anyway.

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