Friday, August 24, 2012

Computer says, cough, cough

Guys, it has not been a good week for my blog. Mostly, because I have ignored her for things like school and teaching and housework. And THEN my laptop caught a very bad virus because I didn’t listen to my dad and un-installed my anti-virus program for like three days because my firewall was causing problems. This has taught me three important things: 1) My dad is pretty much always right. 2) The people who invent internet viruses are you-know-what’s and they can you-know-what where the you-know-what don’t shine. 3) My computer will always freak out the second I really need it like…oh, I don’t know…two months before the biggest exams of my academic career. BAH.

So in honor of computer viruses, I am extending the deadline for the giveaway through until next Monday night at midnight which means you should totally enter to win one of the hand-painted pieces from Katie for Thought! It’s easy and you’ll make me feel better about my laptop…cough, cough.

love, elizabeth


Mrs. Pancakes said...

i need to probably clean my computer too...i have viruses!

Amy said...

I hope your computer feels better!! :)

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