Friday, August 3, 2012

Office Makeover

If you’ve missed me on the internet, this is one of the things that has kept me away. I’ve been working in the office for days and have finally surfaced for air (and pictures)! This was a makeover on a serious budget so I tried to make the most cost-effective purchases I could and use almost exclusively things I already had. That’s my mom’s trunk from her days in the Navy. It’s full of pictures and scrapbooks now and I’ve repurposed it as a coffee table.


Here is one of the set of two matching glass lamps I found thrifting. They’re so beautiful and were a legitimate bargain at just $6.99 each. Kyle found shades at a big box store and I love the coppery warmth they add to the room.



I decided to brave the clearance paint aisle at a certain large store that sells things for a very low price and discovered a heatherish-gray color and a pinkish-tan for just $4.86 a pint. Kyle sanded down my grandmother’s old desk and I repainted it. I took some sand paper to the edges to make look a little more worn…I can’t decide it that was a good move or not but the color is a great improvement overall.


Oh, and yeah…hi, I’m Elizabeth and I’m a big ol’ copy cat. I no-apologies, straight-up stole this from Jenni over at Story of My Life. I justify it by saying simply that I have in my possession pictures from our childhood together that she may or may not want made public. Just kidding. ….or am I? No, I’m totally joking. I’m not. I am. No, not really. …..

I seriously love what she did to the wall in their master bedroom and will go ahead and admit that this is like one of those off-brand knock-off versions. The real thing is much, much better.

I used a combination of frames from my closet, my favorite thrift store, and the Dollar Tree. The prints are mostly clippings or postcards or photographs I’d saved, along with a couple prints from CAPow! Along the top left, you can see what my row of handsome daguerreotype boyfriends collected from flea markets and thrift stores. 


One of my favorite things I framed was a necktie-tying tutorial I had clipped out of Reader’s Digest years ago and stuck in a box. I smiled when I re-discovered it in a box of memorabilia.


I rescued the little loveseat from my neighbor Melissa who was going to throw it out when she moved. It has a couple muddy stains from where her dogs ran over it on a rainy day but other than that, it’s in great shape.


The wall-hanging is a bamboo shade that’s too small to fit any of our windows. Anyone who rents knows that leases don’t always allow you to paint a room so it’s great when I can find other ways to bring color and texture to the walls.



What do you think? And what summer project has kept you busy?

love, elizabeth


Daryl said...

Perfect! SO CUTE, love the gallery wall and the quirky little knicknacks. I can't wait to have an aparment with an office!

Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

That is adorable! I love your style, Elizabeth! :)

MeghanSara said...

I love the bamboo shade idea! That might also make a great head board!

Shoshanah said...

I love the photo wall! As for what project has kept me busy this summer, it's definitely been wedding planning.

Jennifer said...

I love the makeover! What a great space - very you! (o;

And the gallery wall is fabulous!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Looovvvveee your gallery wall. NICE WORK! :)

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

PS - And I love yours every bit as much as mine. Yours has more character! :)

Kate&Garrett said...

It looks so Good!!!!!!! Please come decorate my house...

Dan said...

Looks great, good work!

Virtual Business Solutions said...

The frames look nice on that office wall. Good job!

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