Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mad Face

Since Kyle has the day off, we’re spending the morning doing a little rearranging in our bedroom. I’m really excited to show you when it’s done. Meanwhile, Madigan felt like posing for all of you.



I never understood what irrepressible really meant until I met this dog. She just makes everything better.

love, elizabeth

PS: Big announcement coming soon…stay tuned!


Amy said...

Madigan is soo cute! What kind of dog is she? And so excited for your big announcement :)

Mindy Harris said...

freaking adorable dog!!!
i found you thru the happy days blog and now follow thru GFC (i'm always looking for new blogs to follow). hope you have a moment to check out, mine, too, friend!

Alex said...

I just love her sweet little face :) Can't wait for your big announcement girl!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Too cute!

Bree said...

This is flippin' adorable. I think my favorite thing about dogs is their lips and teeth. No idea why haha

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