Friday, September 7, 2012

A Total Lush

I kind of dread the mail. It feels like most of the time it’s just junk and bad news and bills. But SOMETIMES…it’s stuff like this. *I realize that the following is going to sound like a paid advertisement but I assure you, it is not. I am sharing LUSH with you out of the goodness of my heart. You’re welcome, Internet.


I’ve talked about LUSH on here before because, you know, it’s pretty much amazing. Who is seriously NOT interested in handmade, organic products made with vegetarian, cruelty-free ingredients that, oh yeah, smells like heaven in the form of a soap bar? Bonus: everything has a cute name like “Honey I Washed the Kids” or “Turkish Delight” or “Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds” and comes specially wrapped and packaged and sealed with a kiss, apparently.


For my birthday this year, Sarah sent me a gift certificate and I definitely spent some serious time picking out my merch. That’s short for merchandise, in case you didn’t know.


I settled on The Buffy Bar, which is a LUSH best-seller for a good reason. It’s an exfoliating bar that you scrub on and rinse off and it literally makes your skin feel like butter and silk (except not as greasy or weird as that sounds).


I ALSO bought the It Started With a Kiss tinted lip balm. Which smells like cupcakes and berries and is so cute in its little itty bitty tin.


I am also happy to report that LUSH included a copy of their latest newsprint catalogue which I never feel bad about having because A) it’s so pretty and fun to read and B) I use every last scrap of it to wrap presents. So much cooler than wrapping paper. Want to get your own? You can subscribe free here by going to the top of the page and clicking on LUSH Catalogue. If you’re in a different country than me, like Canada (where LUSH is made) or somewhere else, you can find your country’s website by going here.


So there you have it. LUSH is awesome and no one paid me to say it. Unless, of course, someone from LUSH is reading this and wants to pay me to say it.

What about you? Have you fallen for a new product or beauty line lately?

love, elizabeth


Megan said...

I'm right there with you. I get in trouble every time I walk in that store. I go in Lush to buy presents for other people and end up with so much stuff for myself, too. I love the Buffy Bar, and one of my new favorites is the shower smoothies line, particularly almond coconut. Great store, great products.

Dan said...

I always end up in Lush buying presents for people. And it's great to see a UK company doing so well, they started about ten miles away from where I live!

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