Monday, May 13, 2013

I Miss Ben

I don’t have much to say about this. I just miss my brother today. I do. I would like him to live closer.


I miss his hugs.
I miss the way his voice gets high when he laughs.
I miss the crinkles he gets in the corners of his eyes when he smiles.
I miss the one raised eyebrow he gets when I say something he thinks is dumb.

I miss his ability to follow my ridiculous jokes that don't make sense to anyone else. Also, our shared love for doing impressions of other people.

I miss his guitar. I miss his skateboard. I miss his crazy boot camp stories.

I miss his fashion sense. For real. The dude knows how to shop.


I miss his doodling and tattoo designs all over everything. I miss his insanely loud music and eclectic taste.


I miss the way he can make my mom laugh. 

I miss him a lot.

Who do you miss today?
love, elizabeth

PS: Benjamin, I stole pictures off your Instagram for this post. Sorry. Not.


Anonymous said...

I miss my Benj, too. and he lives close, but I still don't see him as often as I'd like. <3

Mrs. Pancakes said...

awww...i miss my sister and niece who i haven't seen in a while!!

Benjamin Thimell said...

Aww sis, I miss you too. So you never did call me. You can call me tomorrow. I'm at work till Monday morning but I won't be doing anything tomorrow other than hitting the gym in the morning.

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