Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stranded with Sarah: a digital media review

My friend Sarah was recently marooned on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In the interest of the blog (and my own curiosity), I asked her to share about that experience with us. And since she's probably going to be stuck there for awhile, we can probably make this a monthly thing. Read on to hear her thoughts...

Dear Elizabeth,

I'm very glad that you are at home, or at the library, or at your
favorite little hipster cafe with your laptop, drinking your
caffeinated drink, while I sit out here on my desert island with
absolutely nothing to do. I'm also very glad that you finally found
where I was, and that rather than sending someone to rescue me
immediately, you opted to make me write a post for your little blog
about my experiences. "What's it REALLY like to be stranded on a
desert island, Sarah? Let's get to the bottom of this."

Unfortunately for you, I am not interested in playing that game.
Instead, this letter will be me DEMANDING for some things that I would
really love to have out here, just so I can, you know, pass the time
while I starve to death. Amazingly I have a computer to type this on,
as well as wifi to email it to you and a power outlet to make sure my
laptop doesn't die. Which also means that I have a CD and DVD player,
so don't let any of your blog readers get smart with me on that count.
This is a super weird island, okay, don't ask questions. The outlet is
at the base of the palm tree.

First of all, please send me a copy of  Oh the Glory of It All by Sean Wilsey.
This is my favorite book of all time, and I greatly desire to
reread it. It's a memoir by this dude named... Sean Wilsey... and it's
about... his life... okay look, he had famous parents and they were
ridiculous and made him deal with a bunch of ridiculous things when he
was growing up in San Francisco in the 80s. It's really well written
and if you like stuff  by Dave Eggers, you will probably like this
book.  Not that YOU will ever read it, Elizabeth, because you never
read any books I recommend to you. Except for The Hunger Games. But
that's one book recommendation. And you only read THAT because I
actually bought it for you and sent the physical copy to your
apartment. One book in more than ten years of friendship.

Hey, so how long do we have to be friends before you'll come rescue me
off a desert island? Just wondering.

Next, please send me a copy of Ellie Goulding's album Lights. I have
really been digging this one lately. I mean, I WAS digging it. Before
I mysteriously wound up out here on this island. This album is full of
fun dancey music that makes me happy, which I need badly these days,
what with being STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND and all. Seriously though,
Ellie Goulding is great. Not so much live, but nobody's perfect. Also,
by the way, I dig things now. Literally. That's what happens when you
get stranded on a desert island and don't have any fresh water.

Finally, I'd really appreciate it if you could get me all five seasons
of Friday Night Lights on DVD. That will tide me over until the next
time you force me to write a blog post about something. Not like I
even need to explain this one, but FNL is a flawless and amazing show
that will make even the most shriveled black dead heart feel alive
again. (Not that I'm naming names, Elizabeth.) And for all your snobby
blog readers who might be all, "ew, Friday Night Lights, isn't that
about football, no thank you," please make sure they are aware that
this show does not require an interest in football to fall in love
with it. And anyway, as Coach says... you do love football, you just
don't know it yet.

I hope that's good enough for your little blog, Elizabeth. In addition
to these items, FOOD AND WATER would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile
I'll just be over here sitting underneath my palm tree, licking the
inside of the only coconut I was able to crack open for nourishment,
praying I don't die from sun stroke.


Sarah received her B.A. in Film and Digital Media from Baylor University in 2010.When she is not marooned on a desert island, Sarah lives and works in Los Angeles, California, where she is currently attending a post-graduate screenwriting program. For a daily dose of Sarah and her life in LA, visit her at her blog, Sarahcastically.


Heather said...

Love it! I'm wondering why Desmond isn't there...;)

Emry said...

Sarah, sorry to hear about the island...plane crash? Pull of some electro-magnetic generator whose button didn't get pushed? Anyway, while you're waiting for rescue, can you review The Hunger Games?

Or Elizabeth, since you've apparently read it, can you review it? I need to know how worth-my-precious-reading-time it is.

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

You girls are so silly. :) (in a good way)

Sarah (Not Her Real Name) said...

I just found a hatch, but I can't get it open...

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