Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Peaceful Home

One thing I’m learning is how connected a peaceful home is to a peaceful spirit. I do really love the way certain things in the house make me feel…the beautiful books…the old window frame…the painting of Kyle in the hall…my new record player…But creating a peaceful home isn’t just about the lovely things you put in it. It’s about cleanliness and organization – nothing like a sparkling stainless steel sink or a dust-free bookshelf to make me smile! But I think really, a peaceful home is mostly about the love with which you keep your home and the people in it.



What about you? What helps make your home feel peaceful?


Karen in Progress said...

I love the carnations in bottles. So cute. My home feels the most peaceful when I'm reading in bed with my cat lying on my belly. Or when my husband and I are just doing chores, but I know he's close by. Music too.

Janet @ Made For This said...

Peaceful means quiet, no television. Lots of books and knitting. Reading aloud. A soft puppy. Order and cleanliness. Beautiful colors. Things that remind me of those I love. Cozy quilts and blankets. Coffee and comfort food. Always making sure that those I love who are in the house KNOW that my heart is theirs. My chair - my "safe"place. The strong Tower that is my Lord Jesus, most of all.

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