Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bachelorette: Kentucky Edition

I just got home from a weekend with my best friend, Beth, who is getting married in just eleven short days! Last night we went out for her bachelorette party. She gave me permission to post some pictures. Here are some of my favorites from the night…

Canon 604

Getting ready to go out…

Canon 625

Canon 606

The bachelorette…isn’t she pretty? She even put on the goofy veil I brought her.

Canon 630

Bachelorette 013

We ended up at the bar and restaurant where Beth waits tables (when she’s not teaching yoga or acting or finishing her master of fine arts program). Had a couple drinks (including my first hurricane) and sang a ridiculous amount of karaoke.

Bachelorette 029

The highlight was probably Beyoncé's All the Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). Oh, and I sang Hey, Soul Sister by Train so my night was complete.

Bachelorette 024

And at the end of the night (read: 3:45 am), because smart bachelorettes don’t ever drink and drive, Beth’s fiancĂ© Zach came and picked us up. But before we left, the soon-to-be-marrieds sang a duet (The Monkees, I’m a Believer). I did not cry. No one saw me cry. You can’t prove a thing.

Bachelorette 033

Bachelorette 045

Looking forward to heading back to Louisville for the wedding in a couple weeks.

So how was YOUR weekend?

love, elizabeth

PS: A measly THREE more posts until we open the giveaway! Clue #3: It’s great for out of doors…


Gentri said...

Out of doors?? Bug spray?? haha! jk. :)

Looks like you girls had a blast! I love that you't cry... ;)

Emry said...

I'm so glad you had a good time! I love that photo of you and Beth singing's glorious.

Ohhhh I can't wait to talk to you, I might have some big news!

Janet @ Made For This said...

Beautiful pics, Baby Girl. I, too, love the one with you and Beth singing. Fun. I want it. Gimme.

val said...

sounds so fun! I hope you go to the water park and ride all the rides! those water slides are my favorite!!!! have fun! share pics with us!!!!

Alexandria said...

Yay that looks like an awesome bachelorette :) And your hair looked gorgeousssssss! Also, writing you a letter back tonight or tomorrow :)

ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

You can sing, can't you? I can tell from the pictures!

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