Sunday, July 31, 2011

Song for a Sunday

Totally fell in love with Kyle all over again this slow Sunday morning and this song popped into my head (thank you, Sarah, as always for introducing me to the best music). I have just been in awe of him all weekend. Even folding the laundry feels romantic today. So I apologize for the mushiness but it’s a mushy weekend, I guess.

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What about YOU? What’s your Sunday song?

love, elizabeth

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

never heard of this song but it's beautiful. enjoy your sunday!

Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

Awww...this made me smile. You two are so sweet.

Heather said...

love that song! and you know love is real, when you feel it even when folding laundry!!!

-Heather from

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ohh I LOVE that song!!

Newlymeds said...

great song!

Lorena said...

aw so sweet! not mushy at all, it's great to see that love is still actually alive, lol..Took a minute to look around and ur beautiful together! I added you thru Google Friend Connect..maybe we can follow each other? I just started my blog 4 months ago about travel and design and I would appreciate the support so, so much!.. I want to make it a place where people can come for inspiration and escape. Please come visit soon and hopefully you like it enough to follow along also :-)
Thank you and have a beautiful day!

Hugs from NYC


Ocean Dreams said...

Bummer, with all of my craziness I missed your giveaway, but congrats to Chloe! :)

Happy for you that you had a mushy weekend. I love those and I miss my BK.

BTW love that tat picture of the guy and girl - very cool.

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