Friday, July 8, 2011

Mad for Madigan: Summer Beauty Edition

Dear Readers,

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Today I’m talking summer beauty. Obviously, I am pretty much an expert on being beautiful. And since Mom is pretty clueless, I thought I’d share 3 indispensable beauty tips to bring out your inner babe:

1) Drink plenty of water and leave the makeup at home. Mom thinks I just lick her face because I like the taste of her foundation. Puhleeease, girlfriend, you need to wash that gunk off and let the summer air do the rest!

2. Get outside with your pets and enjoy the sunshine. Nothing to put color in your cheeks and a spring in your step like a walk with your furry pal. Trust me. I’m GORGEOUS.

3. Accessorize with kindness, not trends (think: smiles, not purse dogs). It’s hot outside and people are in a hurry. Take that extra minute to hold a door open, thank a grumpy salesperson, pick up that stray piece of trash, offer to help your neighbors with a chore, and give your people and puppies kisses. There is nothing more beautiful.

Stay excellent.

PS: If you own an Etsy shop that offers pet accessories, I would be happy to review and advertise any product you would like to send me or to host a pet-friendly giveaway!

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Flower clip: Goody

Collar: Bow-Wow Couture on Etsy

Gorgeous fur coat: Mine, all mine.


Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

She is so precious! I think she's right on with those beauty tips! :)

Janet @ Made For This said...

Madigan, truly, you are the wisest granddoggy on the planet. I am so glad that you belong to me, well sort of. You know how grandparents are. Keep being beautiful. Love, Grammy

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