Thursday, September 8, 2011

Office Re-Do

Well, all I have to say is, FINALLY. To be honest, I have been in a major blogger’s funk for the last few days. Or maybe just a general funk. I feel like I’ve been stuck in the middle of my office for centuries. But at last, it is DONE. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of things to change later but I’m excited to have a clean, neat space to study and work in for the fall!


I can’t even begin to describe to you the blood, sweat, tears, and threats of banishment to the couch that went into hanging these shelves. If there was any project that has ever PROVED how not perfect our communication skills are, well…this was it. I think, mostly, Kyle has learned how impatient and demanding I am (ie. ‘those shelves are NOT straight…is the level not working?’) and I have learned…how impatient and demanding I am. But our marriage survived the hanging of these shelves and that might be called a small miracle. Thank you, Kyle, for loving me enough to hang them. Again. And again. And again. (Oh, yeah…and those two pictures are my awesome CAPow! prints from the giveaway over at Story of My Life…and I love them like they’re my children.)


My accidental collection of antique thimbles.


My accidental collection of buttons.


Just have to point out that the Dominique Appia print, Between the Gasps of Memory, hanging over my desk was given to me by Sarah in the 9th grade and it’s still my favorite.


Re-purposing is one of my favorite decorating tools. The envelope organizer is actually an old shoe polish box. You can see the slots where the shoe was hung to shine.



I found this sweet old guy languishing in a thrift store a couple weeks ago for $8.98. Someone left their DVR remote in his cushions but he’s still in great shape.This was supposed to be my recliner but Madigan has claimed it. She really likes to eat her breakfast here or sit and judge me for my lack of motivation. Either one.



Kyle and I have a big map of the United States on the wall and we’ve been trying to keep track of all the places we’ve visited together.


Some of my favorite bulletin board artwork.


And this is my favorite picture of Kyle of all time. I took it in Steamboat Springs in the summer of 2005. The summer we fell in love. Can you see it in his eyes? I can.


So…I feel like I’ve been not-blogging for forever (or two days, whatever). What have I missed? What are YOU doing this week?

love, elizabeth


Sarahcastically said...

If you love a couple of pictures like they are your actual children, I can't wait to see how much you love your actual children.

Also that picture of Madigan on the chair would totally look like an old timey picture if you put it in sepia tones and cropped it into an oval shape. Also it's adorable.

The whole office looks adorable. You should come decorate my apartment for me.

Alexandria said...

Seriously. That's awesome. I lovelovelove the shelves. You did a fantastic job pulling this together, even if Madigan stole your chair :)

And what have I been doing? Cursing about Comcast every five seconds. That's about it. Oh, and last night I went to an awesome tapas restaurant for dinner. Om nom nom.

Janet @ Made For This said...

Love it.

Sush said...

I'm loving your being in love with your sweet handy man! Life is just so....peaks and valleys and sometimes one giving 110% and the other...not so much! I think y'all have got the story plan down pat. AND u made a sweet spot to work in!


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I love seeing inside your office- and love the make over. I am in desperate need to redo my space. :)

Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

Love it! It's so personalized. :) Well done!

TiAnna Mae said...

I LOVE it! I would like to see a picture of the wall with your map on it. That's a really neat idea. I also love your accidental collections. How did you come to collect buttons and thimbles???

Faith said...

your office looks so good! it reminds me how much our office needs to get done ... i've been saying it for over a year but nothing has lit the fire under my behind .. maybe this post will, maybe.

Emry said...

Your office looks great! I love the recliner--and I love that Madigan has laid claim to it. Ours will not be making the move as the kitties have spent the last three years making it the world's largest scratching post.

You're so hired to decorate my office one of these days. Y'know...if we ever hear if we're allowed to leave the coat check.

love you.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I love this office space! You make me wanna redecorate our little office space:-) love all the little details! Here's to many great ideas manifesting!

Janie Fox said...

I am in love with your dog. Too cute.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

It looks great! Your collection of antique thimbles is awesome.

Your dog is adorable!

Chloe said...

I love it!
I've been looking for some shelves for our little office, and you have inspired me! :)

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Those caPOW prints look AWESOME, girl!! As does the rest of your office!!! So, so cozy and eclectic. Very YOU. And your pictures of everything are really great too!!

Great shot of Kyle. He looks smitten. So sweet. :)

Kathi said...

Looks so nice! I love your accidental collections! I have buttons in jars too... not sure why I like them so much but I do. Very nice office space. Now if I could only keep mine that neat!

Kate said...

so any chance you'd like to come and decorate MY house??? And not just this time, but how about EVERY time we move? Can we work something out?

.... TOTALLY forgot that Kyle had a lip ring... I love seeing your memories of "back when" :) It never fails to make me smile and again be so grateful we've known each other so long. Love and hugs!

Business Space Solutions said...

Lovely office! The tables and the rest of the furniture match really well.

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