Monday, September 12, 2011

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to do the laundry or not do the laundry

So here’s a question for the pondering…is “being productive” a by-product of productivity itself or the superpower whereby things actually get done? Think on it. Get back to me.

Anyway, today and tomorrow I need some of this “being productive” juice in my life. I give you…my to-do list. If it in any way scares you, well, be assured…it scares me, too.

To-Do (the hyphen makes it more serious)

1. Laundry

If anyone would like to commiserate with me about the horror of communal laundry rooms/laundromats, feel free. I found short black hairs ALL over all the washing machines when I went to start a load this morning. This is inexplicable. And gross.

2. Grocery-shopping

I have been putting this one off so that I could clip coupons. This is my first serious venture into the coupon-ing. It could get ugly. But I need to do it soon as there are about three edible things in my fridge and one of them is ketchup.

3. Paperwork/filing

This one boggles the mind. Seriously, HOW do I accumulate so many random things to be filled out, filed, stamped, mailed-in, returned, printed, and photo-copied?? I don’t understaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.

4. Donate to Goodwill

Kyle and I cleaned out our closets and storage pretty well this summer. And somehow all the donations pile has taken over our hallway and is just sitting there, mocking me. It needs to go.

5. Food bank donations

I have nothing snarky to say about this except that, while it was very nice of us to buy things for the food pantry like baby food and evaporated milk, it is not nearly as nice to leave it in the trunk of your car for a month. I’m sure all the food bank visitors will really be able to appreciate it there.

6. The dining-room

Notice the lack of verb. It’s because I don’t have one right now. Something is just WRONG and needs to be corrected. I’ll let you know when I figure out what.

7. Update day planner and wall calendar

My days and nights are about to get 1,548,972X more interesting (read: insane). This does not bode well for my Sharpie’s longevity.

8. Organize the pantry

I’ve recently discovered extra room to store canned food which is really good. In theory. Maybe this one deserves a post when I’m done.

9. Plan my curriculum for Wednesday nights

I’ll be teaching a little theatre class for 6-11 year-olds in the afterschool program at our church. Or I will if I actually get my act together. Get it. Act.

10. Enjoy Doppler 10 Chief Meteorologist Chris Bradley’s Columbus forecast: “Temperatures will rise into the 80s on Monday and Tuesday before a strong cold front brings fall-like weather.”

Chris Bradley, has anyone ever told you how handsome and distinguished that blue screen makes you look?


Source: None via Elizabeth on Pinterest


I realize that this is riveting reading so you’re if still awake, lay it on me! What’s on your to-do list?

love, elizabeth

PS: Stay posted for giveaway news. Um, yeah. It’s going to be magical.


ellie said...

I have found that being productive results in more productivity. The problem is just getting started. but once I get some momentum, it's all golden.

Alexandria said...

I agree with the comment above. When I get in the mode of doing housework, I do it all. But until I get one done, none of them are getting done. Oddly, I find laundry to be therapeutic. However, our new place is a community laundry room in the basement of another building. Going from in-unit laundry to this is kind of tough :(

Karm said...

I think your list just about summed it up for me too.
I need to really clean out my pantry and to also. Ohhh theater class. I want to send one of my sons to one... broaden their horizona or whatever. I need a parforming arts child (:

Janet @ Made For This said...

Well, I think I would like to stay home and do laundry and clean out the pantry and organize the dining room. Beats headng out into the real world. BUT if you wait until Christmas, I will help! Except you probably better not wait to get groceries or do laundry until then. Love, Mama

Jennifer said...

I have a full to-do list this week too. Though I have to admit to you that I have this strange love for laundry. (o: It's my most favorite chore. Dishes are my nemesis. I HATE dishes.

Hope you get everything done - ESPECIALLY that forecast part about your cold front and fall like weather. Do that for me!!!

Kate&Garrett said...

laundry is ALWAYS on my to-do list
Cleaning EVERYTHING is always on my to-do list...
Finish my degree...
pack for this weekend's insanity (read: bachelorette party in las vegas that I really shouldn't be going to...)
get ready for the assessment
figure out how to get rid of the creep at work...
all i have to say is yuck.
love you.

Savannah said...

haha those pictures are so funny and so me! That is a pretty hefty to do list, but usually once you get going things get done really fast.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

my to-do list this week is not as daunting as yours! i have learned to NOT do certain things if i don't have the time or feel like it! honestly it will be there tomorrow and God willing so will i! love the pictures that illustrate your list especially the first one. i still have dishes to do but i would rather read blogs:-)

Steph said...

Laundry is always the WORST chore
Organizing is fun...but I always seem to make a bigger mess than I started with.
What is up with that????

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