Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don’t Call Me Sweetie Pie, Sweetie Pie

Here’s the deal-i-o, men of the workplace. If you are not my father, my husband, or a sweet old man born before 1940, please call me by my name. It’s Elizabeth, by the way. It’s 2011 and if I’m your colleague and your professional equal, I deserve to be treated that way.

And I don’t care how you meant it. When you call me “sweetie pie,” you communicate that you believe that you and I are different, that I am sweet and cute and young and female, and that you are a strong, paternal, authoritative man. But the fact is that you and I have received the same education. We’re doing the same job in the same field. If you wouldn’t call a male PhD student “sweetie,” you shouldn’t call me that, either. I certainly would never address you as “hun” or “sweetheart.” Because that would be disrespectful and unprofessional, possibly even inappropriate.

And don’t hug me without asking my permission. We’re not that friendly.


What can I say? Actual sexism bugs me.

love, elizabeth


Erinn said...

Yes! This is awesome. I hate that some men feel it's ok to give "pet" names to female collegues. What is with that?

Also, I love your new header! Very nice :)

Alana said...

I would usually agree, but my last boss was really scary and intimidating so it made me feel less frightened when he called me angel or baby. Which is a little weird, since he was the principal. But I was closer to his daughter's age so I attributed it to that.

Bethie said...


Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

LOVE IT. ROCK ON! Seriously, I hate that crap. Don't treat me like I'm less than or delicate because I'm a woman. I don't like those pet names...and you know who is the worst about it? OTHER WOMEN. Seriously, if we are the same age, don't call me "sweetie".


MANPOWER said...

why don't you women chill out. it could be worse, the work place could be full of women with no men, then what would everyone be calling each other (well it would be behind each others backs of course). you women are like little pets only no where near as sweet.if you can't take a compliment then maybe you should get back in the kitchen lol.

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