Sunday, October 9, 2011

Haunted Pinecones, etc.

This weekend was definitely a fall-ish one for us here in Columbus. We’ve received some sad news from home and Kyle will be flying back to Colorado next week so we thought we’d soak up as much of the autumn as we could.

We carved pumpkins with some neighbors. They’re two-faced. Uh, the pumpkins. Not the neighbors.



Some of our centerpieces.



I decided to hang twinkle lights in the living room to bring a touch of light and warmth into the room at night. They make me happy. I have seasonal affective disorder and I deal with some mood swings in the fall and winter months. Warm lighting helps!


Cupcakes from scratch.



And last but not least…a story. I spotted these scented holiday pinecones in the Giant Eagle this afternoon and was just putting them in my basket when I heard an ominous voice from behind me…

“You’re going to regret that.”

I turn around to see a little old man staring at me.

“Ex-excuse me?” I asked.

“My wife bought those. I made her throw them away.”


I waited for him to ominously explain how the pinecones were poisonous or caused rashes or were haunted by forest ghosts or something. But apparently, the gentleman found their scent completely overpowering and determined that they were “stinking up the whole house.”

I smiled politely and left as quickly as I could WITH my pinecones. Drat. I was really hoping for some forest ghosts.



How was YOUR weekend?

love, elizabeth


Karm said...

haha that is too funny.
What is the scent? an outdoorsey scent? or a cinnamon kind?
Awe, I dont like bad news, and I wish Kyle the best.
Those pumpkins are cute.

Jennifer said...

Your pumpkins turned out cute! And I love your twinkle lights. It makes things feel magical and cozy. (o: And weird about the pinecones - I have some that smell like cinnamon.

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