Sunday, April 22, 2012


1 and 15: Girls’ night in. Did my nails. Drank some cabernet. Watched Grey’s Anatomy.

2 and 16: Kyle at work. I was a super embarrassing wife and kept taking pictures of him. He still made me a café misto so I call it a win.

3 and 8: The Broadway tour of West Side Story is in Columbus! It was fun to see the Jerome Robbins choreography re-staged.

4, 6, and 9: At Panera Bread with Marni and Emily and French onion soup.

5, 12, and 14: Thrifting at Plato’s Closet. I did not purchase any of the things purchased but I might have if those hot pink jeans had been something besides a size 3 (my thighs literally LOLed when they saw that).

7 and 10: In the theater before Titanic 3D. I kind of wanted to steal the 3D glasses. They were quite flattering.

11: I actually remembered to take a picture of what I wore…cardigan: Old Navy, ribbed tank: Target, skirt: thrifted, galoshes: Wal*Mart, necklace: vintage thrifted from the Outer Banks.

13: With Zoey at the end of the movie…we’re a little bleary-eyed from all the weeping we did. She’s so photogenic!

love, elizabeth
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