Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thrifty Outfit Post

If you read this blog, you know I’m not so great at the outfit posts. In fact, I’ve never done one before. But I do love to thrift and most of my clothes are secondhand. I don’t think feeling pretty in your clothes needs to cost much. So I thought I might share a recent find (my Easter dress!) with you…I hope it inspires you to find the cheap-o fashionista inside of you!



I’m super drawn to bright colors and contrasting textures. I have been eyeing this belt for awhile now and miraculously, no one had purchased it yet. Usually when I fail to snag something I love right away, it’s gone when I get back.



Dress: Pink Rose, Volunteers of America Thrift, $4.99

Belt: Volunteers of America Thrift, $4.99

Necklace: SONOMA life + style (available at Kohl’s), gift from my mother. I couldn’t find the exact necklace but there’s something similar available here.

That brings this outfit’s total cost to a whopping $9.98 plus tax.

What do you think? Any thrifting tips for clothes shopping? What are your tricks for scoring a bargain?

love, elizabeth


Faith said...

Love!! What great finds! That belt is incredible!

I just wait for things to go on sale! :)

Karm said...

That is a cute outfit. I love how the color just pops out. And that belt is cute too.

Sheila Lynn said...

Love the outfit! Bravo on your first clothing post : )

Your first picture is incredible!

Sheila xo

Courtney said...

Hello awesome first outfit post ever! Gosh you make it look easy!! ;) Loving the purple and green combo. That belt is crazy rad too!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I really like the colors! Nicely done:-)

Sarahcastically said...


fabfashion said...

Nice dress and great accessories. Just perfect. I like the whole look.

Miss Lynne said...

You are workin it girrrrrrl! Thrifty and fabulous! I have a purple dress by the same kohls brand my mom also bought me and I practically live in it cause it is sooooo comfy! Ali

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