Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Swap

So excited to be linking up with Kristin over at Vignettes today! Kristin has been hosting an awesome fall swap this month and today we finally get to show off all of the fall goodies our swap buddies sent us! My package from Emily over at Husband and Wife was totally amazing. I was so touched by the amount of thought she put into this box. I will never stop being amazed at how much you can connect with someone you’ve only met through the internet. She went out of her way to send me thoughtful, unique fall surprises and I loved everything.


Emily sent me a pumpkin carving kit which is PERFECT because we just bought our pumpkins for Halloween and I am planning a carving night here in the next weekend or so. Also, who knew they made pumpkin-patch Pop Rocks? And how did Emily know that I love Pop Rocks??


She also sent me this cozy yellow scarf which I have been wearing to class a lot since it’s just starting to get cold here in Ohio. Which is why I am extra, super-duper excited about this cook book! I love making soup but I sometimes get stuck making the same two or three recipes over and over so I’m totally jazzed about learning to make something new. I’ll definitely post a recipe/review once I’ve tried something out!


In case you didn’t already know, Emily is also amazingly talented and creative. Look at these beautiful cards she made! I love personalized stationery and I am already using it. Emily, you’re probably way too busy these days to start a business but I would totally buy these cards if I saw them in a store. Just saying…


And she tucked in this beautiful candle that smells like someone bottled everything I love about fall into a tin and mailed it to me. So good.


Emily, it was an absolute joy to swap fall boxes with you and, if you want to, I will totally send you a box again next year!

Kristin, you are awesome for hosting this – it was a wonderful experience.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Emily or Kristin, I encourage you to go visit them now! What fall treats are you loving right now?

love, elizabeth


Joshua and Stephanie said...

Wow, she did get a bunch in there! So nice!

Katie Ann said...

What a fun box!! That yellow scarf is beautiful!

Karm said...

What a sweet surprise! I love all things Fall. I want to smell that candle and whoa, that stationary is cute.

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

Wow - this box is full of fall! I love the yellow scarf, perfect for fall and a pumpkin smelling candle you can never go wrong with! Love this swap and seeing what others sent/ received! xo

Meg @ write meg! said...

So many lovely things! I'm loving all the scarves folks put in boxes . . . as a scarf addict myself, that's definitely a trend I can get behind!

Alex said...

Oh man that box is stuffed! Love what she picked for you!

EJ said...

ELIZZZZZZABETH! (Sorry, I think Z's are kind of fun and underused in names.)

You are too kind! I had so much fun (once I de-stressed about it) putting your box together and making some stuff. Lovely post and awesome pictures! One day I will master the art of staging photos so I don't have to rely on iPhone editing aps. :)

Enjoy the rest of the Fall! :) Soon it will be Winter Box exchange time! :)

Kristin said...

What a fabulous box! Love the pumpkin carving kit! What a brilliant idea that was...and the soup recipe book too...genius! So glad you enjoyed participating in the swap this year and made a new friend in the process. Makes my heart happy to hear it.~ Enjoy the rest of your week, and thanks so much for linking up!

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