Monday, October 1, 2012

oh, look. a blogger talking about picking apples…your mind is blown, I’m sure.


Saturday was one of those perfect days. We got to sleep in and when we woke up, without the aid of an alarm clock, there was an adorable ball of fuzz peeking out from under the covers. At Caribou, the barista put exactly the right amount of syrup in my pumpkin latte. The car radio played three good songs in a row and it was a perfect 68-70 degrees all day. The whole drive to Pataskala, we held hands and told jokes and ranted about the election and smiled at each other and it was a perfect day.


This is our fourth autumn in Ohio and, hands down, our favorite thing about Midwest autumns is apple-picking at Lynd’s Fruit Farm. You may remember the apple juggling from last year?


Awww, that smile…oh-em-gee, you guys…so in love with him.


Are those not the most beautiful vegetables you have ever SEEN? We even found cheese cauliflower, which is deceptively NOT cheesy but just cheese-colored.


So now that I have gloated in my perfect autumn bliss, tell me what you’re doing to celebrate October where you live!

love, elizabeth


Stephanie said...

We went apple picking this weekend too! I've been to Lynd's lots of times and it's great but this year we tried Cherryhawk Farm. I loved it because it was a little less overwhelming. And the apples were delicious!

EJ said...

I was so excited to apple pick this year - make pies and be all martha stewart-y but then we got relocated to Texas and they don't really have apple orchards... but I might be able to convince husband that it's worth the 1.5 hour trip - so maybe I'll be able to go. Other than that - carving a pumpkin and mulling some wine is about all I'll get for fall action. Bah. I loathe Texas.

Enjoy the fall weather and such that Ohio has to offer. I shall live vicariously. :)

Alex said...

I read the title and snorted, but obviously I love that it's YOU picking apples :) So glad you had fun!!

Karm said...

What a fun outing. You two look gorgeous.
I need to take the boys to get a pumpkin pronto. But October is mostly winding down from Dj & turtle's football season... Oh I also uploaded our Fall photos. I did like 3 posts today. hahaa

Sara said...

hahah 'tis the season!! I made delicious homemade apple sauce yesterday... so good and SO proud of myself for making something from scratch but doing almost nothing :-)

Hope you enjoy your bundles of apples

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