Monday, January 30, 2012

Girl Confessions

I’ve had some girl-thoughts this weekend and it’s time for me to share them here. That’s how utterly consequential they are.

1. I really love wearing make-up. And Kyle’s old band t-shirts. It makes me feel like I’m still 17. Sometimes I miss being 17. My friend Sarah over at Sarahcastically is sharing hilarious eye make-up tips today. Check it out.

2. Sometimes I pretend I’m in a music video. Like this one. Just for example.

I probably couldn’t pull off that sweater.

3. While I remain faithful to both my real-life husband Kyle and my movie husband Ryan Gosling, I need to say that Billy Baldwin is really beautiful. I know, I know. He is sooooo 1991. But let’s be serious. How is he not a cop/fireman/fbi agent in real life? He really makes diving into the water sideways while shooting ex-KGB militants look like a cake walk. And he does that surprised/man sad look so well. Plus he’s the only actor who wear that much hair gel and not look like a New Jersey car salesman.

4. I really, REALLY love Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I just walk up and down the Valentine’s aisle in the grocery store, just to try and absorb all the hot pink gorillas and conversation hearts. It’s a problem.

Here’s a tiny preview of what you’re all going to have to suffer through in the month of February…


I made that.

And that’s ten minutes you just spend reading this that you are never going to get back. You’re welcome.

Bring on the Monday!

love, elizabeth

PS: Be sure to stop back for the Valentine's Day giveaway tomorrow!


Sarahcastically said...

Are you going to send ME a hot pink gorilla valentine? (Note, I will only accept it if the gorilla is in the process of punching a horse, or taking down a helicopter.)

Also makeup is awesome.

Karm said...

I love Valentine's Day too! It is my favorite holiday... kinda.
But sheesh that Baldwin guy looks hoooot. My crush is Ben Affleck's A.J. from Armageddon... why oh why couldn't he stay that cute?? haha

Faith said...

hehe, this was cute to read so i don't mind the few minutes lost :)

and i adore Valentine's Day too ... just something so sweet about the decor and the celebration of love.

Anonymous said...

that is such a darling valentine... gahh.. i need to get on that.

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