Friday, January 27, 2012


I’m having a disjointed, unorganized Friday and obviously, the blog is going to reflect that. And honestly, I have been feeling funky, blog-wise. And what do I do when I’m feeling disjointed and unorganized?

I make a list.

This is going to be lame. You have been warned.

List of Things coming up on Love is the Adventure

(Don’ t look at me like that. I warned you.)

1. A post on St. Augustine – I read something from Confessions this last week and it just cut me to the quick, you know? Say what you will about S.A. of H. but the man had a way of just completely opening his heart on paper. Or papyrus. 

2. Valentine’s Day giveaway. Um, I am so excited about this. I kind of wish I had the magical ability of giving this away to EVERYONE but since I don’t…I hope you’ll come back and enter.

3. DIY project for the sweetheart in your life. I’m sensing a theme this month…

4. Sun-lamps. This is a thing and we’re gonna talk about it.

5. Movie review of One for the Money. I’m going to see it tomorrow and so help me, if they have screwed this up, I am going to be mad as heck. Heck, I tell ya. If you too decide to indulge in le cinema weekend, be sure and tell me what you see!

6. Re-vamping my About Me page. It’s lacking.

Oh, yeah, AND I’m wondering if anyone is interested in guest-posting over here. I am going to be at a conference the third week of February and I need someone to babysit LITA! If you have an idea for a post, email me.

What kinds of blog plans do you have?

love, elizabeth


Sarahcastically said...

i think this is a good post but why arnt there any pictures???? :( :(

Katie said...

I look forward to this SunLamp talk, the Giveaways and all the other cute jazz you've posted :)


Ivy said...

I love this! Cute blog!

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