Thursday, January 26, 2012

Celebrate Everything


1. My brand new sun lamp (post to follow). What up, Seasonal Affective?

2. Holding an actual second folio of William Shakespeare in my hands (published circa 1632). Magic.

3. Getting a haircut. My bangs are thanking me.

4. Losing 4.6 pounds this week! I do not even know how that happened but I almost cried when I saw the scale at Weight Watchers.

5. Kyle. I came home from school tonight to a spotless house and two baskets of clean, folded laundry. All of which he did today on his one day off this week. It was such a selfless act of service on his part and I was so humbled by his thoughtful gift to me. I want so badly to be the kind of woman he deserves but on days like today, I feel like I fall so short. And he loves me, anyway. Wow.

6. A really encouraging meeting with my faculty advisor. I have been feeling nervous about my candidacy exam in the fall but now I’m just so excited to start reading officially!

It was a week to celebrate and I’m so thankful.


What about you? What are you celebrating this week?

love, elizabeth


Chloe Deverill said...

Such an inspiring post!!
you have good reasons to celebrate!! YAY for you!

Sush said...

You are amazing and boy does he get a wonderful woman with you! I hope you are celebrating have so much to celebrate!
Much love and many congrats!

Jennifer said...

What fun reasons to celebrate! (o: Reminds me of some of the little things in my own life to take note of too.

Congrats on your weight loss - sweet!

S. Donald said...

I'll answer your question, I'm celebrating feeling normal!

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