Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Reason for Blogging…

One of my favorite bloggers, Alana, recently wrote about why she blogs. You can go read about it here. Her post had me asking myself the same question. Why do I blog?


Here’s a little list of reasons:

1. Having a blog is a good excuse to take pictures of everything.

2. My blog is my safe place. I work really hard to make sure it stays that way.

3. Blogging makes me a more adventurous person. (Hence the name of the blog…) I want to try new things and visit new places so that I have something interesting to write about!

4. Being a blogger has helped me practice introspection. Being able to confront my fears and struggles and the good stuff, too, is making me more self-aware (I hope).

5. My blog has given me the opportunity to connect with other writers and artists and creative people and I think it’s made me more open to learning about new things or ideas.


What about you? What keeps you blogging?

love, elizabeth

PS: Thank you, Alana, for prompting this post! Be sure to stop by and visit her at mrs. alana’s miscellany


Alexandria said...

I think the biggest reason I keep blogging is because I want to look back and remember how lucky and blessed I am. This is my digital yearbook, and I always want to make sure I remember as much as possible, the good and the bad :)

Brooke said...

I love this. I also like the way that blogging helps you connect with yourself. It helps you analyze what's important and what's not, and helps you attach meaning to the important stuff.

Karm said...

i like that lil visual.
I blog because I want to share what little stuff my sons and I do. I can go back and read what we did or how I felt and its amazing. Plus I agree the photos... (:

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I love the creative outlet it provides and allows for me to be part of like-minded people!

Faith said...

i love the fact that years down the line i can really have a walk down memory lane ... blogging is incredible.

Jeremy said...

I like that blogging makes me a bit more accountable for what I post out there... Sure, I can go back and delete old posts that are no longer relevant. But that makes me try to keep it relevant in the first place.

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