Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today has been beautiful. It has been one of those days that felt like waking up. I have been grateful for the (knock on wood) mild winter and I anticipate the days of sun and warm rain and the feeling of living that comes with all of that. Spring makes me feel more a part of the world than any other time. I am a growing, living, breathing organism and all around me, other things are growing and living and breathing along with me. And if that's too new-agey for you, then I dare you to go outside on a warm spring day this March, maybe right after a rainstorm. Go outside and take a big deep breath and try not to feel connected to the rest of creation.

Today I took my pale winter legs out into the sun and let them remember what the fresh air feels like. And they were so happy and grateful, they danced me all the way across campus to the library. Not even the heaviest of books in my bag could weigh me down today because today I am alive and you are alive and the world is alive and and we probably shouldn't take any of that for granted.

How is your Wednesday feeling?

love, elizabeth

PS: By the way, the first graphic above is not mine. It's from Pinterest and it was "uploaded by user" so I can't properly cite it. If someone (or the original user) has more information, I would really like to give them credit. To be clear, it does not belong to me.


Janette said...

Awww! Such a happy post! But sadly I'm feeling the opposite today :-/ I'm so tired and emotionally drained it seems.. Maybe I'm PMSing again? Urrggh.. I just want to sleep.. But even in my wallowing I'm still happy you're having a good day! Sunshine on the legs is always a good feeling!

Janette, the Jongleur

Sarahcastically said...

Well, it was 27 degrees and snowing here today. Not as good.

Marina said...

This second qoute really said it right!!

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