Friday, March 2, 2012

No Safer Place

My family is going through a period of change just now. Things that have been one way since before I was born are...maybe going to be radically different. Sorry if I sound a little cryptic - none of it is really my news to share but I am sort of surprised at how this change that's mostly not going to affect me, has really affected me. I feel very emotional about it. Not in a bad way. It just kind

I think maybe it's made me realize that while I've said I've been trusting God, I've been putting a whole lot of stock in a reality that, like most earthly things, has to be temporary. I find myself worried about the future. Maybe not even worried. Just...unsettled?

Our lives in the hands of God. No safer place to be.

Speaking of change, I'm constantly tweaking the sidebar and page tabs so things may be getting moved around a little bit but if you have a button and would like to swap with me for the months of March and April, let me know.

And since we've got a theme, here's the song I've been humming this morning. It's like 11th grade all over again.

love, elizabeth


Karm said...

Yes, change is scary, but with prayers and just knowing that you will get through it, makes it all better.
And suuuure, I wouldn't mind the button swap thing. I already have your button on my blog hehe

Alexandria said...

Thinking about you lovely lady. Change can totally be scary, but you've got such an awesome support system. Ruv ya ladyfriend!

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