Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Afternoon in Glen Helen

When I think of adventurers, my friend Emilynn tops the list. She also happens to be one of my oldest friends (we met the week of our tenth birthday – our birthdays are 11 days apart).

So when I found this place called Glen Helen, a nature preserve outside of Yellow Springs, Ohio online, I knew Em would be brave enough to check it out with me, sight unseen. We did take a small detour in the town of Yellow Springs because there was a book fair and…uh…I can smell the printed page from about ten miles away.

I think I exhibited enormous self-control by only coming home with one new volume, this little guy…
The personal inscription on the inside cover sold me…
Glen Helen is a kind of peaceful, special little place. This stone engraving was located on the edge of the preserve, tucked away under a tall, tall tree…it reads:

The earth smells old and warm and mellow,
and all things lie at peace.
I, too, serenely like here under the white oak tree,
and know the splendid flight of hours
all blue and gay, sun-drenched and still.
Helen Birch Bartlett
In memory of whom this glen was presented
to Antioch College in 1929 by her father,
Hugh Taylor Birch

We walked across the bridge and I was so taken with the many love notes scrawled on it. Here a couple of my favorites…
The whole preserve was beautiful and quiet and and full of undisturbed growth.
The man who took our picture by the waterfall told us to say “gorgonzola.” He caught me mid-word.

A seriously beautiful day. What about you? What did you do with your Saturday?

love, elizabeth

PS: I’ve recently had an attack of the decorating bug and decided to completely rearrange our apartment. Hopefully posting pictures soon!


Camylla Leonardi said...

WOw, thats such a gorgeous place! I can see so many amazing photo shoots being taken there! hehe

Dont forget to come by my blog, and enter to win a coach wristlet!

Happy weekend <3

Janet @ Made For This said...

I spent my Saturday helping at a client company picnic then driving up near Golden Gate Canyon to a home on Horseradish Gulch! This home is absolutely stunning with incredible views of the mountains -and 74 degree temps! oh yeah! But the lady who lives there lost her mom and I was up there to help her plan the funeral which I am conducting on Tuesday. Now, home. 7p.m. and tired.
Beautiful place you and Em found, Baby Girl! Both of you gorgeous!
Love, Mama

Karen in Progress said...

Wow... what an amazing place! I love that you're saying, "gorgonzola" in that last picture. It cracks me up.

Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

Love the book you got! And it sounds like such a fun Saturday! :) I really love the way you look at the world.

Mari said...

loved ur pics.. what a cute blog u have :) will make sure to come back =)

Alexandria said...

I was thinking how cute and sweet this post was until I read that the man told you to say "gorgonzola." Hah-larious. Who says that?!

Alana said...

Beautiful photos! I looove the butterfly book. Great find!

Mrs. T said...

Beautiful photographs!
And you are GORGEOUS!
My favorite type of Saturday is something relaxing in the morning, and then an adventure (of any sort) in the afternoon, a yummy & laid back dinner and time with some friends. Or date night. Of course. :)

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