Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mad for Madigan: On Cats

If you met my pomeranian, you'd understand why she needs her own weekly post. Every week or two, Madigan discusses a topic weighing on her brain. And if you don't think dogs have stuff on their minds, don't own a dog.


Dear Readers:
Today I’m talking about acceptance. And, in an effort to be more accepting of difference, I’ve invited my two cat friends (what? I have cat friends!), Pippin and Leo, to guest blog with me today. Check it out…


Leo 68739_799322239753_9219862_42525761_1531659_n[1]

Madigan: So dudes, uh, thanks for being here today.

Pippin: Good to be here.

Leo: What kind of cat are you?

Madigan: I think I speak for all my readers when I ask, what the heck is up with cat-lovers? I mean, c’mon…what makes cats so great? You guys don’t really believe all your own press, do you?

Pippin: Cats are chill, not clingy or annoying. Unlike SOME pets I know.

Madigan: Chill? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Pippin: Cats do their own thing. We’re independent. We don’t need you. You need us. And as we all know, whoever needs less in a relationship has all the power. Yeah.

Leo: This is boring. Where are the treats?

Pippin: Also, cats are sophisticated. We clean ourselves. We toilet indoors -in designated areas, thank you- and we appreciate the silence. We’re athletic, agile, graceful. We can fit in small spaces and reach great heights while lesser animals are earth-bound. Deal with it.

Leo: I’m cute. Pet me!

Pippin: Yes, thank you, Leo, for that riveting contribution. Next question, please.

Madigan: It seems like more and more pets are getting hip to the world wide web. We have Dogbook, Catbook, Dogster…even the vets are going virtual now! How do you two feel about this phenomenon?

Leo: I like to tweet.

Pippin: I used to tweet but I've forgotten my password. Twitter is so 2010.

Madigan: Well, it's certainly a great way to keep up with your fans.

Leo: I like to tweet.

Madigan: I think I’m just about out of blog space for the day. I’d like to remind readers that they can follow all three of us pets on twitter. To follow Pippin, go HERE. To follow Leo, click HERE. To follow me, Madigan, visit HERE.



In case anyone’s curious, Pippin and Leo are the pets of Sarah over at Saracastically. I myself am not open-minded enough yet to live with a cat and fortunately for me, Mom is allergic. Haha.
What about you? Like cats? Hate them? Are YOU a cat? If so, what are you doing on the computer? Share your thoughts below…

Love and kibble,

PS: If you've missed any of my other Mad for Madigan posts, check them out HERE.


Madison said...

haha (: i hate cats.

i cant handle a pet thats moodier than I am.

Sarahcastically said...

Pippin, could you be any more stuck up, dude? Seriously.

Leo, get off of that.

Madigan, if you're a dog, what are YOU doing on the computer...?

Ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

I'm a cat and a dog person! :) And Sarah, your cats are sooo cute!

Alexandria said...

Oh my goodness that last picture of Pippin reminds me so much of this video:


Dogz fo' lyfe.

Ash said...

Hahahaha. Cute.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i see Madigan getting his own blog!

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

I LOVE Madigan's post, Elizabeth!! Always good for a chuckle. :) Hope you have a great weekend pretty girl!!

Blue said...

So funny! Love these posts! Even tough I have to confess that I am more of a cat person...

Ocean Dreams said...

You are hilarious! Uhh, I mean, the pets are hilarious. I am both a dog and cat person, but I really really want a dog.

Faith said...

i love cats ... well i didn't until i got my own ... i like dogs but i know i would like my dog better if it were mine ... i am always a little freaked out from other people's dog because they don't know me and if they want to attack they would ... as for cats, the most you can get is a scratch so i never fear meeting someone's cat. i must admit, i love pictures of dogs, haha!

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