Friday, August 26, 2011

Putting Things Off

So maybe this post is mostly an excuse to mention my favorite summer show, Rookie Blue (and if you’re not watching it, get on that) but the episode that aired last night, “Best Laid Plans,” was a good reminder for me and I thought I’d share it here.

Source: via Kyle on Pinterest

In the midst of the usual cop partner will-they-won’t-they tension (c’mon, seriously, just GET TOGETHER already!), Andy takes care of a woman who has been in a serious car accident. The woman tells her that she’s been saving this expensive bottle of champagne for the last six years, until she’s finally ready to celebrate her success. But when the woman dies (sorry, spoiler), Andy has her wake-up call. She’s been making plans for the future but she’s never really living in the moment. She’s been “saving the good stuff” as she says.

I’m a pretty good procrastinator, in general. But sometimes I think I put off the good things, too. I think I have to wait until some time “really special” to do that thing I’ve been wanting to do. But what exactly is holding me back? Why don’t I do the really special things now? What am I saving the good stuff FOR? What am I waiting for?

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


In the spirit of this, I have a few things I’ve been putting off that I really, really want to do. So that’s what this weekend is going to be about. Expect a few posts to follow!

What about YOU? What really good things have you been putting off?

love, elizabeth

PS: If Andy and Sam don’t end up together, I’m breaking up with Rookie Blue. For the reals.


Karm said...

ok i have never heard of this show, but 2 great characters hooking up... I need to watch it. reminds me of Bones and Booth. What network does it show on? oh wait a min. i shall google it hehe

Janet @ Made For This said...

Saving the good stuff...there comes a point in life where you stop being ACQUISITIVE and start thinking about unloading all that stuff you accumulated. So, when you buy it, be sure to love it, use it, enjoy it, or don't get it at all. Don't wait to say I love you or write that letter or tell that person what he/she meant to you. Don't wait to get married to have those fun dishes or that couch that would make your place so great. Don't wait until you graduate to live in the real world. Don't wait to stop wasting time. LIVE LARGE AND IN THE MOMENT! Enjoy the abundance that is yours, regardless of your financial status. LIVE!

Alana said...

Oh I am an EXPERT at putting things off. Good things, bad things, everything. But I'm trying to get better. Thanks for the inspiration!

A Lost Feather said...

heh i tend to procrastinate with good things as well.. i guess i want to wait for "special" moments, too, but we can make them right now! :)

Karen in Progress said...

Huh. I've never watched this show. I'll have to check it out. Good thing I've been waiting on... Hmmm... highlights in my hair. Deep. I know.

Ocean Dreams said...

That looks like a good show and the chemistry between the two characters is evident, even in the photos!

Faith said...

i haven't heard of the show ... i would have to check it out ... but the lesson of your post is so true ... i have to start doing things today instead of waiting it out ... it is true, what am i really waiting for?!

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