Monday, August 22, 2011

No Returns, Refunds, or Exchanges

In the car today, I was teasing Kyle that I had better take good care of him since I couldn’t get my money back. I decided to write a manufacturer’s warranty tag for my husband




Limited Warranty for Kyle:

Made in Heaven. See reverse side for care instructions.

All sales final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges. As husband is guaranteed one of a kind, unique, and original purchase, some variation in texture/color/materials/odor is normal. Customer agrees that all maintenance shall herewith be administered by responsible party. This warranty does not cover dents, nicks, bruises, and/or internal damage. This warranty does not cover any improper use of husband, including but not limited to childish insults, backseat driving, (accidental) food-poisoning, throwing of pots and pans, PMS-induced rage, and submersion in water and/or storage near heat source. Hand wash cold. Tumble dry low as needed. Snuggling, picture-hanging, and bad taste in movies included.


What about you? If you were writing a limited warranty for a partner or spouse, what would it say?

love, elizabeth


My Bathroom Is My Castle said...

Oh, what a cute idea. Great posting!

I have to think about what I would write....

Have a great evening;

Janet @ Made For This said...

I am glad that you can't take Kyle back! I love him too much.

Faith said...

hahaha, this is great!

Mrs. T said...

This is so precious and adorable!
So happy to have found your blog, it brought a smile to my face tonight! :)
Look forward to reading more!

Karen in Progress said...

Ahhh... That's super cute. Mine would have to say something about a sense of humor and a love for the outdoors.

Kate said...

BAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! (end maniacal laughter) Can I steal this!!!???

Katie said...

Haha I really love this Elizabeth!! :)

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