Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stranded with Sarah: Captain America Can Save Me Any Time

So this is a late post. I’m running on about three hours of sleep, three shots of espresso, and about three million jolts of post-wedding adrenaline. Lots to post about that next week!

For those of you who missed her last post, Sarah is once again writing to us from the desert island where she has been marooned for the last month. Let’s check in to see how she’s doing…


[Dear] Elizabeth,

I'm going to assume that my previous plea for help was misdirected somehow and that is why I'm still stuck out here on this island. I can't think of any other reason. I've been exploring a little bit though, and while walking around in the jungle I found this weird door in the ground. It's almost like a hatch or something. There's a little window in it, but I can't see anything. Gotta be something down there though. And there are these numbers on the door - no clue what those are about.

Anyway, if you're feeling generous, it'd be great if you could send me some of this stuff, because I got bored with what you sent last time. That's what happens when you're stranded on a desert island with nothing to do but bang on a door in the ground, which I only do when I'm not sitting here sobbing over the fact that my best friend is ignoring my desperate cries for help. But whatever... as long as you get a blog post out of it, right? Please send me…

1. Bossypants by Tina Fey. If you haven't read this book... you aren't a bad person, but you are on your way to becoming one. Just kidding, kind of. I may not really be into 30 Rock anymore, but Tina Fey is still on the whole pretty flawless. This book is fantastic and empowering. Reading it again would be pretty encouraging right now.  Plus it will tide me over until Mindy Kaling's book comes out in the fall, and until the time comes that Amy Poehler finally writes a book.

2. Recently there was a free iTunes sample of the week of a song called "Lady Luck" by Jamie Woon. It's kinda Justin Timberlakey and I liked that about it, so I got the whole album, which is called Mirrorwriting. Pretty chill and interesting music... the people on iTunes reviewed it saying it's "creepy cool." Which, okay, I guess. I like to listen to this album while I'm writing. 

This video is not about a single thing. It's just him riding subways and taking taxis. Very hipster and boring. Try a little harder next time, Mr. Woon.

By the way, I've already finished like three full length feature scripts and a couple TV pilots since I've been here. That's how much free time I have. So there's that at least.

3. Captain America. NOT the movie. The guy. I was just thinking that it'd be nice if I had someone here with me to help me figure out how to get off this island, since you're apparently not interested in helping with that. And he'd probably be able to just rip that hatch open with his strong and beautiful arms.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B (proper island attire)

Anyway, get on that. Hopefully I won't starve to death before this stuff arrives. Really getting sick of coconuts. Though, I have been hunting boar. You know what, I'll probably be fine.

- Sarah

Sarah received her B.A. in Film and Digital Media from Baylor University in 2010.When she is not marooned on a desert island, Sarah lives and works in Los Angeles, California, where she works as a sports blogger and attends a post-graduate screenwriting program. For more on Sarah and her hilarious life in LA, visit her at her lifestyle blog, Sarahcastically where she blogs about the Danny Glover tv show that filmde down the street or her trip to the Disney lot or reviews her favorite food, grilled cheese sandwiches.


Karen in Progress said...

Haha.. hilarious. I'm going to check out Sarah's blog right now.

Kelsey Cole said...

such a cute and funny post! Ha, i was laughing pretty hard at the lost referrals.. classic! I love that show.
As for captain america... I am DYING to see it! I mean... is he a MAN or what?! I almost want to go see this with just my girlfriends so we can just swoon over him lol:)

Sarah (Not Her Real Name) said...

@Kelsey: I saw it by myself. No shame at all. It is awesome.

Ocean Dreams said...

Wow - he's hunky! Great guest post Sarah! :)

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