Friday, December 9, 2011

Rite of Passage: The Day My Blog Became a Woman

Dear sweet blogging community o’ mine, firstly…I have to apologize for my absence. I wrote a week’s worth of posts last weekend and they’ve been posting themselves all week but I have been so swamped with finals and grading and work in the office that I have not had a moment to do much (including eat and sleep). Despite my super lame-ness, many of you have thoughtfully commented and I have loved every single one! Now that my quarter is actually OVER, you can expect many emails/comments/etc. to catch up on all I have missed.

Secondly, it’s time to celebrate because, my friends, officially…today…(choke) my little baby blog became a woman. I checked my email tonight and found (are you ready for this?) my very first…mean comment. OMG, you guys. I thought only super popular, awesome blogs got mean anonymous comments! It was like being tweeted by a famous person. Because who, on the internet is more famous than Mean Anonymous Commenter? He/she/it is seriously everywhere and even though you have no idea what it’s wearing or how it pimps its pad or where it buys those fabulously flattering cyber monikers like “usucksohard92” or “MANPOWER,” Mean Anonymous Commenter definitely has staying power.

And I’m not even going to go into the validity/lack thereof of the succulent little paragraph MAC decided to bestow upon yours truly and her lil’ ol’ blog because really, it’s not the point. We’re not going to stop to ponder how MAC found such an old post (perhaps Googling “women are stoopid”?) We’re not going to question MAC’s motives for the early Christmas gift. We’re not even going to patiently explain the many hiccups in MAC’s logic/reasoning as stated in aforementioned comment. We’re just going to say THANK YOU, Mean Anonymous Commenter. Thank you. Truly. We wear your scorn as it was meant (though surely not intended): as a freaking badge. of. honor.

I took the liberty of drawing up such a badge and I display it here for all to see. Perhaps I shall move it the sidebar where all may enjoy.


Wow. Love is the Adventure is growing up so fast…it seems like just yesterday, she was just an innocent little thing with a readership made up of my mom and my dog. I mean, you all know what’s next! She’s going to want a car and then there’ll be boys…They say you’ve got to give them their wings. Fly, little blog. Fly away. Just stay away from MAC. I know you’ve got a thing for the bad boys but…you can do so much better.

love, elizabeth


Charissa Steyn said...

you're hilariuos!!!

ashley @ A Recipe for Sanity said...

You rock, girl! And MAC can just kiss your beautiful blog's behind!

Alexandria said...

Oh my goodness you're not officially my favorite person ever. This made me laugh so hard, and I'm glad you're taking MAC's words in stride. You're uh-mazing :)

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

OH, MAC. I've had my fair share of him/her/it, too. I have a MAC who actually consistently harasses me via email, as you probably know. Haven't heard from her in a while, but right when I think she's fallen off the face of the Earth, up she pops again.

If your comment happened to be weirdly long and include a lot of "~!!!" and make zero sense or be signed by someone named Dee, Donna, Nikki, Liz, or Tara," it may be the same MAC as I have, and she probably found you through my blog. And if that's the case, my deepest condolences. :P

Jennifer said...

Oh the mean comments - it's so sad. )o: I've received a few of those myself over the years - one of them even made me cry like for two days. (Someone told me I was hideous....) Anyway....congratulations? Haha - but yeah, the mean the comments are part of what comes with this whole blogging deal I suppose. *Sigh*

Rachel said...

HA! This made me laugh A LOT :)

Janette said...

Oh my gosh! Why would anyone say anything mean.. I've only been a follower for a bit..but your blog is pretty magical! Like how you're taking it in a stride.. Don't let the meanies get to you!

Janette, the Jongleur

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