Saturday, December 1, 2012

Being Intentional About Christmas

Today blogging feels a like that treadmill I’ve been ignoring for a couple months – it’s not that hard when I do it everyday, it feels really good when I do it, and I feel better about myself after. But I keep staring at that treadmill like maybe I’ve really forgotten how to treadmill properly. So here I am, hopping back on the blogging train. I have so much to TELL you!

Beginning with my game plan for Christmas this year. Honestly, I’ve been feeling not-Christmas-y. I’ve been slower than usual getting decorations up. I’ve been staring at the tree extra critically this year. I’ve actually had a few moments of sympathy for the Grinch – I mean, the Who’s DO celebrate their festivities fairly loudly, don’t they?

My December issue of Better Homes and Gardens came (and this is not a paid advertisement, by the way) and I was struck by some of the advice in the Sanity Savers article about holiday organization:

“Before you launch into holiday planning, ask yourself: what do I love most? What do I dread? This exercise will help you decide what belongs on your to-do list and what needs to be simplified or deleted altogether. If quality time is a priority, put it on the calendar, just like you would any other important activity. Pick an evening to munch cookies, sip cocoa, and watch a favorite holiday film… Don’t get caught in the trap of doing something just because it’s what you’ve always done. Only commit to activities that really matter to you and your family.” (Thanks to B&G writer, Berit Thorkelson, for the wisdom. I’m taking your advice.)

So with this in mind, Kyle and I made a list of Christmas activities that actually matter to us. We have until December 31st to do it all…but if we don’t, that’s okay too.

Christmas List

Okay, your turn. What’s on your Christmas list that you REALLY care about? I can’t wait to hear.

love, elizabeth

PS: I’m also taking Berit’s advice about Christmas cards this year: “Defer sending greetings until another holiday such as New Year’s or Valentine’s Day, when both you and your recipients have more time to enjoy the sentiment.” So if you ordinarily get a Christmas card from us, be checking your mailboxes in February instead!

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Ashley said...

This is why I love you and Kyle! You sit down and come up with amazing lists and ideas like this. I can't wait to hear about how you celebrate this month!

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